Guppedantha Manasu: Rishi gets overwhelmed by Vasudhara’s decision

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Maa TV popular show Guppedantha Manasu serial is witnessing some major turning points.
As reported earlier, Mahindra asks Jagathi if he made a mistake. Jagathi says he takes a hasty decision, she asks how many days he feels bad missing Rishi. Mahindra says they need to wait for the spring. Vasudhara takes Rishi to the goddess temple. She apologizes to him.

Rishi asks why she is apologising to him. Vasudhara says she made a mistake and says she will take back her decision and won’t force him to call Jagathi a mom. Vasudhara asks Rishi to follow his heart. Rishi says he is very happy today and says from now on there is never going to be a difference of opinion between them.

Vasudhara agrees. Vasudhara prays to Goddess about Rishi. Vasudhara decides to unite Rishi and Jagathi without making Rishi uncomfortable. Rishi does a flower shower to show his thanks to Vasudhara. Vasudhara also does flower shower for Rishi. Rishi and Vasudhara make up with each other.

In the upcoming episode, viewers going to witness The teachers talk about Mission education. One of the teachers decides to call the landline for Jagathi madam. Dharani picks up the call. The teacher says she wants to talk to Jagathi.

Devayani takes the phone from Dharani and says they don’t know when Jagathi will return and asks them to not call them. Rishi and Vasudhara go in a car. Rishi recalls what happened and feels elated. He thinks now Vasudhara will never be separated from him.

Will Mahindra and Jagathi return home?

Will Mahindra change his decision knowing Vasudhara’s move?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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