Hamariwali Good News 17th February 2021 Written Update: Mukund makes a grand entry in his house with a new car

Hamariwali Good News 17th February 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Renuka working in the house and is looking towards the door constantly and is telling Navya don’t know when your father-in-law will be back from his work, at least he could have inform me that where he is and how much time it will take him to realise that he should have informed me about his whereabouts and how much time he will need to be back.

Navya asks are you getting worried for him or you are just thinking whether he is eating tea and snacks in the market with Vrinda !! Renuka pulls the ear of Navya and says I am your mother-in-law and not your same age that you will crack such jokes with me. Suddenly they get so much sound of drums and rolls from outside of the house and she goes outside to check what is happening.

Navya comes out and gets happy to see the visuals and goes back again to drag Renuka outside of the house and they see Mukund is home with Preeti and Alok along with a brand new expensive car.

Navya comes inside and takes Renuka with her to see her who is out and as soon as Renuka comes out she gets shocked to see the entire scenario. She asks Mukund to calm down and get off from the car but he is not in a mood to listen to anyone and is dancing and asking them to dance as well. Renuka says to him we are old enough to not do these kinds of things in the open and Mukund says age is just a number and it stays in our mentality.

If you have a progressive approach then life will be forever beautiful and young to you but if your thinking is narrow then no one can save you. He asks Navya to get Renuka decked up in a proper bridal dress with all jewelleries and ornaments or else he will not come inside the house.

Renuka denies to get ready at first but then she agrees to get ready and comes out, Aditya comes back and gets shocked to see the grocery shop name as Mukund and sons again and he asks Alok why are you doing this? He says why not and asks him to come with him and make him see everything. Aditya gets shocked to see the whole setup and also he gets shocked to realise that his mother is wearing those jewelleries which he kept on bet for taking loan and he doesn’t understand how they are back in the house.

Mukund and Renuka make their entry in the house and Mukund thanked Renuka for always standing by his side and never ever leaving him in the darkness and he says today he realised the importance of sindoor and hugs her. Navya confronts Aditya and asks him why did he stole the jewelleries from the house after Aditya receives a call from the owner of the club telling him that he can come anytime to play there ad also asks him to snatch his rights as a son from Mukund if he doesn’t get it easily from him. Navya asks him to have some shame but he doesn’t listen to her and asks her to stay away from this matter.

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