Tujhse Hai Raabta 17th February 2021 Written Update: Malhar asks Sarthak to seek forgiveness from Anupriya

Tujhse Hai Raabta 17th February 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode starts with Malhar questions Sarthak why he is hating Kalyani and Aayi even after knowing Avni truth. Sarthak says maybe you forget about Aahir death but i can never forget it. Malhar says I feel for bad Aahir because we couldn’t get successful to change him, can’t we become family again, ask forgiveness from Aayi. Sarthak says she have have to ask forgiveness from me for killing my unborn baby and still she prefers Kalyani over me, I feel happy that you’re returned but I can never forgive Kalyani and Anupriya.

Moksh shows his karate trick than he notices Malhar hand is hurt. Kalyani sends Moksh out and applies ointment to his hand in tears. Malhar says he can’t see her in tears. Kalyani says I acted like strong Infront of everyone but I was broken without you, she hugs him saying she missed him alot. Malhar apologies to her and says my Kalyani is not weak and I’m glad you got Shera support when I’m away from you.

Kalyani says I want yo tell something about him. Malhar says I know he loves you. Kalyani says she don’t have any feelings for him. Malhar says I trust you more than myself and he about to kiss her but gets interrupted with Moksh and Moksh asks him to tell stories of Goons. Malhar tells how he used to have 10parathas made by Punjabi woman and praises their food and beauty. Kalyan feels jealous and sleeps.

Next day Kalyani comes in Punjabi attire and serves him Paratha. Moksh slowly asks Malhar what happened to Kalyani. Kalyani asks if she looking like Punjabi girl. Moksh says good and Malhar says ok. Kalyani leaves and serves few more parathas. Malhar gets shocked seeing Anupriya in modern clothes. Anupriya says how she got the deal. Malhar says it’s good to see you speak in English plus you’re handling business in amazing way. Malhar sees Sarthak and asks him him to have Tiffin bit he leaves. Moksh goes out informing the match with chikkal. Kalyani asks Malhar to finish 10 parathas. Malhar receives the call from agency saying they couldn’t get info of person who saved him. Malhar asks to trace it.

Watchmen didn’t allow Moksh and Chikkal to play in maidan saying someone going to build the building. Moksh calls that owner saying my Dad is police ,how can you built building in maidan place. That person is revealed as person who saved Malhar and he asks Moksh to meet him at Maidan in the next day. Kalyani tells to Malhar that daily he gonna get Parathas. Malhar smiles seeing her jealousy nature than he gets his friend call and he praises Chinese woman. Malhar gets call.

Malhar meets the person who saved him and asks how agency people don’t know about him. Person smiles saying secret and Malhar invites him for dinner. Person says he will come tomorrow and asks Malhar to give gifts to Kalyani who saved him and his family members. Malhar says he wants to know about him. Person smiles saying my story is interesting.

Anupriya, Aaosaheb gets shocked seeing Kalyani and Moksh in Chinese attires. Malhar smiles seeing them. Kalyani serves them Chinese food. Malhar coundnt stop his smile. Anupriya shows how to eat noodles to Aaosaheb. Kalyani sees Malhar passbook is fell down and she notices their is no Chinese stamp and than realises Malhar is teasing her.

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