Hard Times Ahead for Pia and Ansh in Nazar

Star Plus popular show Nazar is seeing some major points these days in their story. As we have seen
in last week episodes Mohana continues to blackmail Vedashree for her own selfish motives and on
the other side Ansh is successful in saving Pia and their son Munna too.
Now in tonight episode of Nazar viewers will see Pia decided not to change herself from mermaid
form even after Ansh saved her. On the other hand Tara will finally discover the identity of the
entity stalking her everywhere. Here Ansh and Pia ‘s reunion will be interrupted by a horde of sea
demons. On the other hand Mohana amidst of all these happenings will try to seal a deal with Pia
to save herself from natural forces attack. With so much incidents that are taking place in Ansh and
Pia’s life now it will be interesting to see whether they are being able to come out of it stronger?

Will Mohona be successful in her plan to save herself and seal the deal with Pia? Will Ansh and Pia
can fight back against the sea demons and emerges as winners? To know the answers of all the
questions tune into Nazar Mon-Fri at 11pm only on Star Plus. To know more about your
favourite show upcoming twist keep watching this space.