Harphoul Mohini 13th September 2022 Written Update: Mohini enquiries about Harphoul’s feelings

Harphoul Mohini 13th September 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Harphoul’s friends and Shalini teases Harphoul and Mohini. They dances around the couple. Santok and Shalini acts like Harphoul and Mohini. Harphoul and Mohini complains about them to Maai. But Maai also teases them. She tells them that she don’t like it when they fights. She says that they should share romantic moments. She says that she wants a grandchild. Shalini feels bad hearing her. Maai says that having a grandchild is her last wish. She hopes that within a year she will get grandchild. Shalini thinks that it’s not her mistake that if she and Santok can’t become parents. 

Mohini wonders that if Harphoul also feeling like her. Harphoul tells Maai that he would like to stay away from Mohini. Mohini goes inside angrily. Maai orders Harphoul to convince Mohini. Harphoul acts like searching a hundred rupee note. Mohini glares him. She asks him that how long he is going to avoid her. He tells her that he was not avoiding her. She asks him that if he don’t feel for her. She talks about the moments they shared with each other in the dispensary. He says that nothing happened. She asks him that if their closeness did not affect him. He struggles to speak. He escapes from there. She tells herself that she knows that he also felt like her but he has to accept it.

Maai tells them that she is scared after fire accident. She suggests to organize Matarani Jagrata. She tells Mohini to prepare for it. Santok gets excited hearing her and he falls down. Shalini and Harphoul helps Santok. Maai takes Santok’s stick. Santok asks her to not blame herself because she tried everything to cure him. She asks him to not lose hope. She says that he will become like earlier one day for sure.

Mohini says that there was dispensary in the village already which means government used to give money to run dispensary. Harphoul asks her that if she is trying to say government still giving money to run dispensary. She nods at him. He says that Balwant getting money from government. Maai says that they don’t have any proof against Balwant.

Harphoul learns that Balwant set off fire on the dispensary. Maai says that she won’t leave Balwant. Mohini asks them to break Balwant’s head. Maai asks her that what the latter want to say. Mohini tells her that violence is not solution for anything. Harphoul reminds her that Balwant tried to kill her. He says that what would have happened to him if anything happened to her then. He says that Balwant ruining many people’s lives for money. She tells him that they have to trap Balwant. She tells her plan to him.

Later, Balwant goes to meet informer. He gets shocked learning that Harphoul called him as informer. Harphoul and Mohini comes there. Harphoul asks Balwant that how much the latter earned using village dispensary. Mohini tells Balwant that he closed the dispensary but receiving money from government still. Balwant laughs. He tells her that he thought she is smart. He says that he can even kill them in this abandoned place. Police comes there. Harphoul and Mohini smriks.

Episode ends.

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