Imlie 15th November 2022 Written Update: Arto gets hurt while beating Jatin’s men

Imlie 15th November 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Chini telling Devika that she came to attend the hawan alone as Rupy is not well. Imlie comes downstairs with Arto. Guests compliment Imlie saying she really looks good with Atharv. Kia asks Chini to do something instead of staring. Chini says she made all the arrangements. Jatin enters Raha house in disguise as a Godman with some men. Imlie gets happy to meet Chini. She goes to send her poems to Avinash. Jatin flirts with Chini saying he cut the Wifi and made sure noone can inform the police after their plan execution. He asks Chini if she will give a chance to their relationship after their success.

Chini thinks this plan will benefit her only. She will get a permanent place in Rana house. Jatin asks her to take a selfie. Imlie sees her phone network is gone. She takes away Chini’s phone to turn on the hotspot. Chini and Jatin get shocked. Chini takes back her phone and tells Imlie her phone has no network too. Imlie asks Jatin what Babaji is doing here. Chini lies he is doing jaap in every corners of the house.

Imlie takes Chini with her and reads out the poems to take her review. Chini feels bored and acts like she liked them. She then throws away the poems in the dustbin and Arto stops her. He says how can she neglect her hard work like that. He reveals that he loved her poems before loving her.

She gets surprised knowing that, she thinks she won’t let Arto know that she is not the writer but Imlie is. She adds she is just doing it as a hobby. Arto says her poems gave him strength to fight the odds too. He requests her to recite a poem which he loved that day. Chini stammers and Shivani comes there. Chini leaves and Shivani asks Arto to not commit any mistake, he doesn’t like Imlie but he is married so he should forget his limits.

Imlie finishes talking over call and Shivani taunts her for not taking care of her duties. If she is careless like that, someone else will take away the things that belongs to her. Imlie seeks God’s blessings to handle everything. Kia asks Chini when she will execute her plan? Arto asks Imlie to sing Bhajan which she prepared. Imlie hesitates and Chini says the hawan will be incomplete if she doesn’t sing.

Imlie feels nervous and Arto plays flute. Imlie sings Om Jay Jagdish song and everyone claps. Jatin throws some ingredients in the hawan fire and smoke is created. All starts coughing and Jatin signals his men to steal the jewels of the ladies. Imlie sees that the Godman is fake. She tries to stop them but Jatin pushes her away. Arto holds Imlie and then he beats up Jatin before he runs away. Jatin’s men start beating Arto and the latter gets hurt on his head. Imlie rushes towards the men confidently but a flying knife stabs her hand.

Episode ends

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