Imlie 16th January 2023 Written Update: Chini sets the Rathod Mansion on fire

Imlie 16th January 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with the robber trying to shoot Arto. He tries to snatch his gun but in that process the robber fires and Imlie gets shot. She holds her hand and faints. Arto shouts her name and then beats up the robber. He holds Imlie in his arms and asks her to open her eyes for God’s sake. Cops arrive to arrest the robbers. One lady customer says Imlie helped them a lot and they want her to recover fast. They pray for her and call the doctor to treat her wound. Doctor says Imlie needs complete bed rest. The bullet just touched her hand.

Abhishek hugs Chini and asks her if she is alright. Chini shifts her attention to Arto saying he did a great job today. She also keeps her hand on his shoulder. He says he did it for his friend and he asks her to leave. He says Imlie and he will take care of each other. Chini thinks that now she will put a permanent pause in lmlie and Arto’s story. She will break up with Abhishek first. Rupy comes and asks her to have some shame. Why she keeps committing mistakes when Arto already moved on. She broke Imlie’s home and now she got a good guy like Abhishek still she doesn’t value him. Rupy says she will control Chini till the wedding is over. She won’t go out of the house. Chini gets shocked hearing her order.

Arto looks at unconscious Imlie and worries for her. She wakes up and asks him why he went to the shop? He says when he was handling the robbers then why she didn’t leave? She says she is alright to which Arto feels relieved and says he was waiting to hear this. He was so worried for her. Imlie says it’s 9 pm already and she has to finish her pending work. Arto snatches her laptop saying she will only take rest. She gets irked and he says he talked to her seniors already. Imlie asks him to sing lullaby for her. He does and she feels happy to see he is showing care for her.

Rupy and Chini go out to buy Chini’s lehenga and Chini discusses her plan with Anu over call. Chini sets Rathod mansion on fire and goes out saying she will burn Imlie’s ego and the bad memories along with the house today. Rupy can’t lock her in the house to stop her from meeting Arto. Arto scolds Imlie for not taking rest. He calls his parents to keep eyes on her. Imlie says she can’t be on the bed all day. She needs some physical activity too. Arto says but why she wants to work everyone is asking her to get rest. Rudra allows Imlie to walk in her bed room but she can’t go out. Devika says if Imlie needs anything then she will tell her. Imlie calls Sundar and the latter picks her call. He suddenly sees fire in the house and calls out Arpita. He starts coughing due to smoke and Imlie overhears everything. She rushes to save him.

Precap- Imlie and Arto save Sundar from the fire. Arto takes him out but Imlie tries to bring out the Sita Maiya idol and falls unconscious due to smoke.

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