Imlie 1st February 2024 Written Update: Navya gets the file.

Imlie 1st February 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Imlie tells Biswa that she wants sindoor and mehndi because she is getting marry tomorrow. Biswa tells Imlie that she is ready to give her everything she wants.

Shivani and Avi tells Navya to come with them to meet her family but she refused to go suddenly she hears a door knock and she sees the police. The police asks Navya that where is Biswa. Navya tells the police that she have no idea. The police gives a file to Navya to give Biswa. Navya learns from the police that they are searching for the child’s in the investigation. Navya opens the files and she learns that Dhanraj loves Kairy and her sister is Imlie.

Rajni tells Amma ji that if Dhanraj was here than he will help Agasyta . Amma ji tells Rajni that she will not forgive that girl that snatch their Dhanraj from them.
Biswa brings food for Imlie and ask her to eat. Imlie tells Biswa that she will not do anything tantrums while eating the food because her Agasyta is coming to take her. Biswa tells Imlie that stop day dreaming but Imlie is determined that Agasyta will come to take her. Agasyta enters that area from where has called him.

Navya comes to meet Amma ji with a present for her. Amma ji opens the gift and finds Dhanraj and Kairy photo frame. Amma ji throws the photo frame and tells her that she don’t want to see the girl’s face. Shivani tells Navya that she have disrespect and hurt her family. Navya tells Shivani that her the destiny has chosen your family to get pains and agony. Govind tells Amma ji that Agasyta has informed that he found the place where Biswa has taken Imlie.

Navya informs Biswa about Agasyta. Biswa asks Imlie that where is her payal. Biswa finds Agasyta has the found the payal and he is coming to get Imlie. Biswa takes Imlie in a gun point in the terrace and Agasyta follows Imlie . Agasyta comes in the terrace and finds Biswa holding Imlie in a gun point. Biswa tells Agasyta that the killer has some connections with his family and he cannot leave Imlie with him. Agasyta tells Biswa that he won’t achieve Imlie’s love forcefully. Biswa tells Agastya that he has snatch everything even his love aslo from him. Imlie tells Bisw that she don’t love him and she also tells Biswa that they have to suffer alot for each other’s love. Imlie tells Biswa that he always knows about the revenge. Biswa points the gun n Agasyta and warn him to shoot. Imlie points the gun Biswa and tells Biswa that she will fire shoot if anything happens to Agasyta.

Biswa tells Agasyta that Imlie will not shoot her. Imlie tells Biswa that she can do anything for her Agasyta and fires the gun but without the bullets . Biswa yells at Imlie and tells her that how she dare to shoot him. Biswa tells Imlie that for her he becomes a criminal and he points the gun on Imlie. Agasyta kicks Biswa and jumps from the terrace with Imlie and lands on a running truck. Biswa feels disgrace. Agasyta asks Imlie that if she fine or not. Imlie tells Agasyta that she is fine. Agasyta tells Imlie that how she will believe that he is Agasyta. Imlie tells Agastya that she knows her Babu very well who she needs him.

Sonali comes to take the photographs. The photographer tells Sonali that she have to wait because the photo’s are getting develop in the dark room. Sonali wants to see the photos and she can’t wait. Sonali enters the dark room to see the picture but still not develope yet. Amar calls Sonali and ask her where is she. Sonali tells Amar that she have come to take the photographs alone. Amar tells Sonali that she must taken him because anything can happens. Sonali hears that the photographer is telling someone that he with her. Sonali saws that photographer lying in the floor and she sees the shadow of the killer.

Meanwhile the guests are gathered in the Chaudhary’s Mansion for Agasyta and Imlie’s wedding. Khushi tells Amma ji that it’s showing in the news channel that Imlie has been kidnapped and they are making the arrangements for the wedding. Amma ji tells Khushi that Agasyta is bringing Imlie back to home. Agasyta brings Imlie in the house. Amma ji offers aarti on them and welcome them. Amma ji hugs Imlie. Amma ji thanks Thakur ji and she blessed Agasyta. Navya finds that Imlie has arrived in the house. Amma ji asks Navya to wait and tells her not to say anything to Agasyta and Imlie. Navya apologies on the behalf on Biswa. Navya tells Imlie that she thought that Imlie will come in bad condition but she has come in a well dressed. Navya tells Imlie to thanks the Agasyta’s family because they are open minded people.

Navya tells Imlie that what was she doing with unknown person a whole night. Agasyta tells Navya that the unknown man is her son Biswa. Navya tells that she don’t believe that Imlie was kidnaps. Navya tells that Biswa loves Imlie and how can Biswa will hurt Imlie. Agasyta tells Navya that Imlie don’t Biswa. The women tells everyone that Biswa loves Imlie and Agasyta has bring her forcefully. Amma ji tells Imlie to answer.

Precap-Alka tells Imlie that she will have to them because she is getting a chance to marry in their family. Imlie tells Agasyta that she will not answer anyone.

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