Pandya Store 1st February 2024 Written Update: Amresh’s plan fails

Pandya Store 1st February 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Dhawal coming to Amresh and asking him if the file he burnt was for Pandya or something else. Amresh lies that it was indeed for Pandya Store. Dhawal asks if Amresh is unaware of the 45 lakhs loan Natasha has to pay. Dhawal says that he wants to become responsible and do job alongside study so that he can help Natasha. Amresh says that he will talk to Natasha about this matter. He makes excuse of taking a call and thinks how Dhawal got to know about this.


Suman closes the cupboard door which makes the jewellery bag kept on top of it fall down. She checks and realises it belongs to Isha. Suman thinks that means Chiku just took the jewellery and hid them and wonders what he is upto. Shashank is in party hall and Natasha goes there too. Dolly and Pranali misunderstand that Dhawal and Natasha are there so they lock the door. Hetal comes and tells Dhawal did not come but they say that he already went inside. They decide not to open the door no matter how much Natasha and Dhawal calls them.

Natasha gets flashback of the fire incident entering the party hall. She gets scared seeing someone there and asks if he has come to kill her and why he was hiding there. Before Shashank can explain anything, Natasha picks up stick and beats him endlessly. He keeps asking her to listen to him and stop hitting. Natasha doesn’t listen to him and screams for help. Shashank says that he should be one asking to be saved. Dolly says that Dhawal and Natasha might be getting romantic. Shashank tells Natasha that he came to take estimate and was sent by Amresh.

Natasha finally stops beating him when he shows his phone that he is a civil engineer sent by Amresh. Dolly, Pranali and Hetal get shocked to see Dhawal outside and tells Dhawal if he here then who is the person inside the hall. Natasha tries to open the door and finds it locked which makes her more anxious. She gets flashback of getting caught inside fire. Dhawal rushes to the hall and opens the door. Amba questions Amresh if Natasha will agree to be in relationship with new person. Amresh tells that he is Chiku’s friend and they need to try this if they need to make Natasha leave from Dhawal’s life forever.

Chiku brings new clothes for Isha and tells her to prepare for beauty contest. Suman comes there and takes Chiku aside asking him why he kept it on cupboard. Natasha cries and hugs Dhawal. Dhawal recalls Sandeep and angrily starts hitting Shashank with the stick more. Pranali stops Dhawal and says to call police instead. Chiku tells Suman that he will explain her everything later. She tries to make him understand but Chiku ends up confessing that he doesn’t want to make Isha cry but he will definitely take revenge from Makwanas. Suman decides not to let him do so. Shashank tells Amresh that his family beat him up without listening to anything. The episode ends with Pranali saying that Amresh had told them to leave Natasha at party hall.


Dhawal and Natasha will have coffee together. The latter will tell about Pranali not being able to start her practice because Bhavin and Makwanas don’t want so. Dhawal will say he has a solution but it’s tricky. He will show her something which leaves her confused.

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