Imlie 21st February 2024 Written Update: Imlie tries to stop the auction.

Imlie 21st February 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Binni tells Amma ji that the design in her neck is similar to Imlie. Binni ask to open her ghoonghat but Sonali tells Binni that this girl comes from Imlie’s area. Sonali tells Amma ji that Paro has worked in Sharma’s residence also. Amma ji tells Paro to join from tomorrow but Paro insists Amma ji that she wants to start the work today. Binni still doubts that the girl is Imlie. Sonali tells Paro that she will show her the house.

Sonali brings Imlie to her room.Imlie tells Sonali that she can see Agasyta’s famil in problem because she has promised Agasyta that she will take care of his family. Imlie ask Sonali did Amma ji know about the auction. Sonali tells Imlie that no have the courage to say Amma ji.

Govind tells Amma ji to choose a home. Amma ji ask Govind that what’s the need of changing the home. Rajni tells Amma ji that we are getting old and it’s not possible walks stairs and the house is also big enough that’s why they decided to shift to a small with less amenities. Amma ji denies to leave the house because there are lots of memories here like Kunal, Dhanraj and Agasyta. Amma ji tells Rajni that they are hiding something from her.
Imlie walks down the stairs and remember each and every moment she spend with Agasyta.

Govind apologies Amma ji that he tried a lot to save this house. Amma ji gets emotional and broken because she don’t want to leave the house. Amma ji asks Govind about the auction. Govind tells Amma ji that the auction is tomorrow.

Imlie silently cries while she sees the piano.
Amma ji tells Govind that she have no regrets with him but she misses Agasyta so much and suddenly they hear the same piano tunes which Agasyta used to play. Amma ji tells Govind to take her to the piano room but they find no one in the room. Amma ji tells Govind that Agasyta has send someone to help them. Imlie asks Sonali that when they are coming to see the house. Sonali tells Imlie that they are coming in the evening.

Surya tells Tripathi to keep all the files in the house. Surya ask his Amma that why she is tension. Amma tells Surya that Malti has went somewhere. Surya runs to find Malti. Surya stops Malti and ask her to come home. Malti tells Surya that she is waiting for her husband from last 18 days.
Amma learns from Tripathi that Surya has been dismissed from the case of Raghu’s but he is still trying his best.

Surya assures Malti that he will find Raghu. Surya tells Malti that he wants to show something. Surya tells Malti to sit in the car. Amma ask Surya that why he didn’t say to her that the police has closed Raghu’s case. Surya is speechless and Amma tells Surya that he is useless. Malti lie Amma that she got a call from Raghu that he don’t want to stay with her that’s he shifted to Dubai.
Meanwhile the people starts coming to see the house. Rajni tells Amma ji to go inside the house. Imlie tells Sonali that don’t allow the family members to come inside and she will handle them.

Imlie tells a man that why he is standing under the jhoomer. Imlie tells that man this house is suitable from them because there is cursed here. Imlie tells an another family that she don’t want to stay in this house because there is witch stays in the house. Imlie tells the lady that the witch is standing back of her. Imlie makes every effort so that anyone can’t buy the house and she gets successful but suddenly she finds a girl telling her that her brother wants to buy this house and gift her.

Imlie comes to see that man and tells him that this house will suits his personality. Imlie finds that the man is Surya. Surya tells Imlie that how will she live if he leaves Purwaiya. Surya tells Imlie that he will buy the house. Imlie tells Surya that he wants this house and after them. Surya tells Imlie that they stay here and slowly slowly she will get to know. Imlie tells Surya that she will not allow his motive to become successful and she will stand like the wall between the house and him.

Precap-Sonali informs the family members that the person who purchased the house is coming today and they Surya who is a look alike Agasyta. Amma ji gets emotional and everyone gets shock to see him. Surya tells Imlie that he will capture everything of Agasyta.

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