Imlie 24th February 2024 Written Update: Surya reaches the Chaudhary’s house

Imlie 24th February 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Surya tells Amma ji that he will disappoint her so he decides to stay overnight. Surya tells Paro to show his room. Alka tells her friend that she had not thrown baby properly because he is back with the same face but suddenly Sonali enters the room and Alka drops her phone. Sonali ask Alka that who is she talking. Alka tells Sonali that she is talking to her friend and telling her about Agastya look alike Surya.

Sonali tells Imlie that Surya is very kind but Imlie tells Sonali that he is not like Agastya and his motive are good. Imlie tells Sonali that she had meet him earlier also and according to her he is very cruel and cunning. Imlie tells Sonali that she is stand tall to face him.

Surya tells Malti that he is staying with the Chaudhary’s today and will find it about Raghu soon. Surya tells Malti to stay calm and starts packing for shifting. Malti ask Surya that what is the sureity that he will get to know about Raghu. Surya tells Malti that according to the investigation three names have come infront Imlie, Sonali and Shivani. Surya tells Malti that Shivani is weak so he will try to break Shivani first.
Shivani sees in her dream that they are burning Raghau’s dead body in the passage so she wakes up. Shivani wakes up to get some water and she finds Surya in the kitchen.

Surya tells Shivani to relax and have a glass of water. Surya try to win Shivani’s confident so that Shivani can tell him frankly like her own brother. Surya tells Shivani that if she trust him that she can tell her problem and he will try to fix the problem but suddenly Sonali and Imlie comes and alert Shivani. Sonali tells Shivani ti go and sleep. Imlie tells Surya that he is disturbing Shivani. Surya tells Imlie that Shivani is disturbed because she is trying to hide something and soon he will find it. Imlie tells Surya that she is not afraid with him and he will take her family members tomorrow .

Surya tells Imlie that he is not thinking about the house but he wants to capture each and everything of Agastya even his wife also and he wants to hurt the Chaudhary’s also. Imlie tells Surya to stay in a limit because she will protect her family. Surya tells Imlie that she will not succeed to take anyone from the family.
In the next morning Imlie finds that everyone is lying in the floor and they are not getting up and Surya is telling her that everyone will take their last breath in this house. Imlie wakes up from the sleep because she was seeing a bad dream.

Imlie and Jugnu brings the luggage of the family members. Imlie tells everyone that all the luggage are here and it’s time to leave the house but Imlie finds that the door is locked from outside. Surya tells Amma ji that he has lock the door because he wants them to attend the grah pravesh Puja with him and he also wants them to meet his sister and mother. Amma ji hesitate but Surya request Amma ji to stay but Paro tells Surya that they will not stay because everything is ready. Binni tells Paro that she is a maid and cannot take the decision. Amma ji accept Surya’s request and decide to attend the Puja. Surya tells Imlie to attend the Puja also.

Amma ji tells everyone to make the arrangements properly for the puja. Binni tells Amma ji that they will stay in this house and she will stay somewhere else. Surya ask Binni about herself. Binni introduce herself as Agastya ‘s wife but Surya tells Binni that he is heard that Agastya has married Imlie. Binni tells Surya that Agastya was not foolish. Binni tells Surya that Imlie and Agastya had contract marriage and she is a very greedy girl.

Amma ji gets angry in Jugnu because he has bring vanaspati instead of ghee. Alka tells Amma ji that no one will know the similarity between ghee and vanaspati. Imlie tells Alka that there is a big difference between ghee and vanaspati. Imlie tells everyone to stay alert from fake person.
Surya tells Imlie that stops following him otherwise everyone will think that Imlie is in love with Surya. Imlie tells Surya that she is not afraid of him and she will protect her family from him.

Alka gets angry on everyone because she wants to leave this home as fast as possible otherwise she will be exposed.Govind tells Alka to stay calm and soon they will leave after the puja. Giovind tells Alka that Amma ji getting fine because she sees Agastya’s face in Surya. Sonali takes Alka’s phone to find that last night her mother was talking to whom. Sonali call that number and tells that Gattu face match with him. A lady tells from the other side that she don’t know about the other baby in the hospital. Sonali force the lady to say more about the baby but the lady recognise that it’s not Alka and disconnect the phone.
Surya tells Imlie to help him to kill Chaudhary’s but Imlie gets angry and she points the knife on Surya’s neck.

Precap-Imlie starts feeling for Surya but she tells Surya that she knows about his motive and she will save the family. Alka is hiding from everyone that Agastya have a twin brother also and he is Surya.

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