Imlie 24th November 2020 Written Update: Satyakam appreciates Aditya and gives interview

Imlie 24th November 2020 Written Update on

Episode begins with Aditya manages to divert the policemen. Satyakam gets happy to see Aditya puts his life in danger for him. He appreciates him and Aditya asks him for an interview. Satyakam gets impressed with him and agrees to give interview to him. Satyakam goes with Aditya and gives interview to him. Imlie elaborates the details of how Satyakam is saved from police. While coming to give interview Aditya fell down from the bike but Satyakam manages Aditya and says I believe that you are not a traitor.

Satyakam gives Aditya an interview, where he speaks about Meethi and Imlie being his special people. He says I want Imlie to study so much that after her so many girls from other villages can study and grow for good. He says I want all the village girls to study so much so that no city people can take bad advantage of him. He gets emotional and gives some money to Aditya to hand over it to Imlie and her mother. He takes his leave and says the other information Chandu will give you about myself as he is with me in this struggle and fight. Imlie and Meethi will give you the address of Chandu.

Imlie is talking to her mother and she asks her, why you and Satyakam never got married to each other? Imlie runs away from the place so that her mother can’t scold her. Meethi thinks for the city guy I was not being able to see the love he had for me. So when I was in problems for my own fault, how can I go to him like that? I never wanted to make him a part of my agonies only. Next morning, Imlie and her mother comes to meet Satyakam but gets to know he left in the night only. Imlie and Meethi agrees to take him to Chandu in the afternoon.

While the marriage preparations of Aditya and Malini are in full swings in both the families. Aditya’s family is as usual doing things together and as a team when Navya comes and gives a cheque to them as a small contribution and everyone on the house appreciates her for being generous and responsible. Aditya calls Malini and informs her about his well being but he lies about the phone so that she doesn’t get worried. In between the phone call Imlie comes and informs him that she has bought a special transport for him to take him to Chandu.

Malini gets disturbed to hear the voice of a female and asks him about her. He informs Imlie is one of the family members of Satyakam and says I call her mad only. Imlie says I am not mad, I am the most intelligent girl and that’s why I got scholarship. Do you get it ever? Aditya says I really don’t know how to deal with this mad girl and goes away from there and Imlie thinks that for Satyakam I have to deal with this arrogant guy.

Precap – Imlie is taking him through cycle and he enjoys the breeze and atmosphere of a village to the full while Malini is getting impatient and sinking feeling in the city life.

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