Shaadi Mubarak 24th November 2020 Written Update: Arjun request KT to accept his mother

Shaadi Mubarak 24th November 2020 Written Update on

Episode starts with KT asking Arjun if there is any problem while he denies and looks at his mother, she then writes something on plate and passes it to Pandit while he gets shocked seeing the names and ask what she have written? To which Arjun smiles and says his mother mostly uses Mandarin language so that’s why written names in it only, pandit continues the rituals.

KT informs Preeti that he is going to check the lightings while Nandini thinks that if he goes then her plan will get flop, she whispers something in Arjun’s ear and then fainted, KT and Preeti rushes towards her while Preeti was about to open Nandini’s veil but Arjun stopped her saying that only his father will do it, he then cries and ask KT for help, Preeti also insist KT to carry Nandini while he looks hesitant and remembers his past when his wife acted like fainted just to be carried in KT’s arms, KT reluctantly agree and carries Nandini in his arms while he thinks why he always gets his wife’s thoughts whenever he comes near Arjun’s mother, Preeti looks at him and thinks all his questions will be answered after this marriage and he will be relieved, on the other side Nandini smirks thinking that soon she will be back in KT’s life.

Rati happily reminds Tarun about Preeti’s last project while he ask her to not to talk about his mother anymore as he is not interested in her and further advice her to focus on their life, while Rati gets stunned and says to herself that she can’t let Preeti move ahead from her and declares that she will bring Preeti back as a housemaid.

KT gives juice to Nandini and ask her to rest, he leaves while Nandini happily twirls holding her lehenga, she then gets ready in bridal attire and puts mehendi of Keertan’s name. Later Preeti came to see Nandini and ask her to show lehenga, Nandini twirls but was about to slip when Preeti holds her hand and her mehendi gets imprinted on preeti’s palm while Nandini fumes.

Arjun emotionally pours his heart out in front of KT declaring him as his father and ask to complete his family by accepting him and his mother, he hugs KT while Keertan ask what’s happening? To which Arjun says that he have prepared this speech for his father and ask whether it’s good or not? KT smiles and says it is really nice and his father will surely agree while Nandini looks at them and smirks saying the training she had given to Arjun is working.

Preeti discuss about the work with KT, at that time Arjun shouts and ask KT to start preparation as his father is coming, Preeti looks at KT and ask him to go to entrance to welcome the groom. Later Kusum video calls Preeti and sees the bride, she notices her lehenga tassel and remembers the exact same one which Nandini had, she tries to tell this to Preeti but couldn’t able to due to loud sound and cuts the call, while Kusum gets suspicious about Nandini being Arjun’s mother!

Nandini perfoms on the song Ghoomar while Sheena shows KT her phone and ask to check everything, he looks at Arjun’s mother performance and remembers his past with his wife, he runs towards her and stopped her while everyone looks confused, he removes her veil and gets shock of his life seeing Nandini, while everyone gasps her name.

Precap:- Nandini ask keertan to fill her hairline and accept her and his son Arjun while kusum tries to stop him. KT takes sindoor box and moves towards Nandini, she gets happy while he passes her and goes towards Preeti and fills her hairline shocking everyone.

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