Imlie 25th January 2021 Written Update: Imlie says to Aditya about her feelings for the marriage

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Imlie Spoiler: Aditya struggles to save Imlie’s life

Imlie 25th January 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Imlie asked Aditya sorry for coming back to Delhi again and becomes a headache for him again. He says we got seperated a multiple number of times but we become together again and again. Imlie again says sorry to him and he asks now what is the reason of saying sorry to me?

She says now destiny will not come to say sorry so I am doing it on its behalf and Aditya and Imlie are smiling. Imlie tries to speak and says whenever I see your face I feel like throwing away those stuff of marriage myself but what to do? For decades girls have been taught to take care of the marital stuff signs. They are told to keep the stuff of marriage with as much care as their dignity and life.

I grow up knowing and learning the same thing and that lesson stops me from abandoning that forceful and unwanted marriage of mine, I worship goddess Sita who roams in the jungle to be with her husband. She stops me from taking any such step. Aditya says to her I really don’t know if I can fulfill the responsibilities of being a husband ever but I will not stop you from fulfilling your share of responsibilities of being a wife.

Later Aditya comes back home with the family members and Sundar asks them about Imlie’s health. Malini gives him the packet of stuff which belongs to Imlie when a small packet falls down and they get a pair of toe rings from it which a married woman wears. All of them got voted and it right to conclude why Emily is carrying out stuff which usually stays with a married woman.

They tried to know from Aditya but he says that he has no idea about all this. Aditya says to them that if she is not telling us anything about it then it must be a very personal and sensitive issue so you shouldn’t interfere in her personal life too much. if any day she feels comfortable she will definitely speak up about it. the ladies of the house decided to have a conversation with only tomorrow and the hospital in private.

At night, Aditya tries to behave very normal width Malini but she is too lost to think about Imlie and says if by any chance I got to know that she is married and her husband abandoned her then I will find him out and will give him punishment for sure because I am getting very much angry on him right now. The next morning, Dev packs so much food, curd and fruits with him and says to Anu that on his way to the studio, he gets so many underprivileged kids So he is packing some food to give it to them.

The family members came to meet Imlie and she is back to her old self and starts to call Sundar names as soon as she sees him. She gets jealous to see Sundar getting praises from the family members. She eats the halua herself but unable to call it bad and Sundar is laughing. She says to them to have some shame and not to laugh at a patient and Dhruv says that you have to behave like a patient first. They all go out to fulfill the formalities. Malini and the ladies of the house decided to confront Imlie about the marital stuff in her luggage while she is busy eating the halua.

Precap – Imlie gives a letter to Dev to post it to her mother and writes the name on the envelope and Dev gets emotional to realise Imlie is his own daughter.

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