Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 25th January 2021 Written Update: Anant agrees to join Radhika in partner game

Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 25th January 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Anant asks Tiya about Gehna and gets mesmerized for a second seeing her. Gehna promises to herself in front of Saraswati mata that she will study to change her life. Mrs. Doshi announces game named ‘ Sui dhaga ‘. Paresh says Gehna should win this one. Anant wishes her and tells her to not be nervous. The competition begins and Gehna was standing there without doing anything and Kanak wins the competition in ladies and Pankaj wins in gentleman. Everyone claps for them. Hema and Radhika congratulates Kanak.

Radhika goes to Gehna and mocks her for losing the simple game and says now she will face more difficult games then what she is going to do. She says her lose is equal to Anant’s lose so should not participate in next games. Anant hears everything. Tiya announces next game saying it’s partner game and asks the participants to choose their partner.

..Radhika calls Anant and asks him to become her partner. Anant agrees to be her partner saying she is determined to win and that’s what important. She forwards her hand and Anant holds it then they leaves from there. Gehna feels bad seeing them like that. Hema, Kanak too sees everything. Gehna decides to put her effort and win the game for Anant.

Tiya says they are postponing the partner game till the preparation finishes for it and explains about second game and says memory power is important in this game. Pankaj cheers for Kanak and Anant was keep looking at Gehna. Gehna wins the second game and Anant gets happy hearing that. But Kanak gets pissed off hearing the game result. Tiya says now Gehna and Kanak leading with one point.

Mrs. Doshi tells Jamuna that she is jealous of her because she doesn’t have a daughter in law like Gehna and praises Gehna. Anant feels proud hearing her. Sagar taunts Kanak and says he can see her future. Kanak imagines herself as maid and Gehna as owner. She says game beginned now only and at end she will be the winner no matter what. Pankaj says he is ready to cheer for her. Mrs. Doshi says Gehna didn’t get partner yet so Jamuna should become her partner. Jamuna agrees to participate with Gehna. Gehna , Praful gets happy.

Partner game begins and Tiya starts to ask questions one by one. Kanak says Anant and Radhika is not husband and wife still they knows each other very well. Anant says even friends can know each other very well. Mrs. Doshi praises Gehna and Jamuna’s partnership. Tiya says it’s a tie between Radhika, Anant and Gehna, Jamuna so this last question’s answer will decide the winner.

Gehna’s answer matches with Jamuna and they wins the game. Paresh says seems like more than Praful , Gehna knows about Jamuna. Praful laughs hearing him. Everyone claps for Gehna and Jamuna. Mrs. Doshi asks does Gehna know what is Anant’s biggest fear because Radhika’s answer was wrong. Gehna’s answer matches with Anant’s answer and Anant smiles.

Episode ends.

Precap – Tiya announces Dance competition and Gehna notices that fan about to fall on Anant.

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