Imlie 27th July 2021 Written Update : Police interrogates Imlie for Aditya’s kidnapping.

Imlie 27th July 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Pankaj giving medicines to Aparna. Imlie goes inside and gives honey to Aparna but latter says you are here to laugh at me as you won and everyone in the colony accepted you too. Aparna says but she will never accept Imlie as she broke her trust. Imlie puts the trophy into dustbin and says this trophy doesn’t mean anything to her if she failed to win Aparna’s trust. She requests Aparna to have honey but the latter refuses again and again.

Malini comes and feeds Aparna. She says she heard everything from Anu so she got worried about Aparna. Aparna gets happy and says she can even eat poison from Malini’s hand. Imlie thanks Malini and leaves. Aparna asks Malini why she didn’t tell about Aditya and Imlie’s truth earlier. Aparna says I would have fought for your rights, Malini says for what reason she will fight when Aditya and Imlie are legally married and Imlie is his first wife. Aparna says Aditya is just showing sympathy to Imlie, Aditya and Imlie’s personalities don’t match at all. Imlie overhears that and thinks Malini will make Aparna understand about the situation.

Aditya gets a call from his boss Suraj. Suraj warns him that one terrorist got his house address and Aditya should be careful. Aditya thinks he can’t put his family in danger. Imlie goes outside to look for Aditya. But two men put some sacks in Tempo. Aditya is inside a sack. Imlie tells them to move the tempo from there. She gets suspicious.

Sundar informs Imlie Aditya was talking to someone but now he is gone. Imlie receives Suraj’s call from Aditya’s phone and gets shocked to know Aditya is in danger. Suraj assumes its Aditya and tells him to leave his house at once with his family for safety. Imlie gets worried and screams Babushaheb.

Goons attack Aditya and threaten him. Aditya mocks them. Radha says now this kidnapping happened because of Imlie only. Rupy and Pallavi tell that Imlie is already disturbed, last time she only saved Aditya. Aditya is kidnapped because of his job. Nishant says terrorists are arrested then who kidnapped Aditya? It’s revealed Anu hired those goons to kidnap Aditya. Anu tells them to torture Aditya. She wants to see him in pain.

Imlie tells inspector that Aditya is her husband. Aparna introduces Malini as Aditya’s wife. Aparna and Radha blame Imlie and Satyakam for Aditya’s kidnapping. Inspector says Satyakam is also a criminal and since terrorists are in lock up then who kidnapped Aditya. Inspector suspects Satyakam and Malini says he is out on bail, why are they blaming him.

Rupy and Pallavi also take Imlie’s side saying she will never think of kidnapping Aditya. Radha says to blackmail Tripathis she can do it. Inspector takes Imlie for interrogation. Rupy and Nishant scold Radha and Aparna for trapping Imlie despite knowing she is innocent. Rupy says now inspector will torture Imlie instead of searching for Aditya. Malini calls Dev for help.

Imlie tells inspector she didn’t do anything, she is Aditya’s wife. Inspector shuts her up and keeps asking her where is Satyakam, why she kidnapped Aditya. Imlie breaks down and says she really doesn’t have idea about it. There, Aditya gets beaten up by goons. He tells them to release him. Dev tells Anu that he is going to police station to save Imlie. Anu smirks thinking she cant miss the drama, she says she will also accompany him to help Tripathis.

Precap – Imlie asks Anu did she kidnap Aditya? Anu warns her and Imlie checks her phone angrily. She says she won’t spare Anu if Aditya gets hurt.

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