Imlie 27th November 2020 Written Update: Imlie and Aditya ready for their marriage

Imlie 27th November 2020 Written Update on

Episode starts with Nani says the city man shouldn’t be spared at all after doing such bad things with the village girls. Imlie stops her and says why are you blaming Aditya? Nani says why are you feeling touchy? Your deeds will come in front after 9 months. She is you are a spoilt blood of your mother. You will do what your mother did. Meethi says to Nani you should be ashamed because you know what is truth! She again and again bring out the topic of Meethi so provoke the entire village so that she can do what she wants. Imlie tries to speak up in favour of Aditya but no one is even ready to listen to her.

Moreover, the head of the village is also saying the same thing and they are hellbent to prove that Aditya and Imlie indeed involved in some bad deeds. Imlie says to all that you people are going to do a huge blunder in the name of Satyakam and for this you all have to pay the price too. Nani says I know very well that Imlie is having the same bad blood like her mother.

On the other hand, Malini calls in the lodge of Aditya to know when he is going to leave for the city. The manager says he left yesterday only but Malini doesn’t understand his words and asks him to repeat but the call gets cut for connection and she thinks maybe he said that Aditya left and she is about to turn with the bowls in hand when she notices the entire kheer gets burnt and she again feels uneasy as if something bad happened.

Nani says to all if you want to save this city guy then there is a condition that he has to marry Imlie. Imlie is shocked to know this and Aditya declines straightway and says I also promised someone. The head of the village says to his men to cut off his head but Imlie comes in between and says if the price of his life is my marriage then I am ready for this. Aditya asks her to stay away from this as she is minor but Imlie asks for sorry and says it was my dream to go and live my dream in the city.

Later she says to her mother, I can not marry him. I said that to save his life but I know he loves someone else and I can’t snatch someone’s happiness and love. I saw him getting sindoor for her from the temple. She remembers about his phone and says to Meethi I have to make the phone reached to him at any cost so that he can call someone for help. She tries to reach out to him but her grandmother comes in between and drags her inside to get her ready for marriage. Imlie after getting ready hands over the phone to her mother and asks her to make it reach to him.

She does the same via a villager also. While in the house of Aditya, all gets worried when they got to know that Aditya didn’t avail the train for return from Pagdandiya. They starts to try to call him continuously and suddenly his phone rings between the flowers and Aditya somehow makes it visible to all that it is his phone that is ringing . They throw the phone in the fire and says he has to do what he is asked for. Aditya helplessly looks at his mobile phone while his mother is upset and scared for some unknown danger.

Precap – Aditya says to Imlie till Delhi we will be together but after that both will go our ways.

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