Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 27th November 2020 Written Update: Anant decides to find groom for Gehna

Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 27th November 2020 Written Update on

Episode begins with Anant asks Gehna’s approval for marriage so he can find suitable groom for her. She shocks hearing him and says then she has leave from here looking at Praful, Jamuna and runs from there. Jamuna signals Tiya to console Gehna. Tiya follows her.

Anant asks why Gehna reacted like this hearing marriage news. Jamuna says so much happened with her today and it will take time for her to handle herself because she is broken already. Praful agrees with his wife. Jamuna says Gehna’s marriage is Praful’s dream and she is happy that Anant talked in this topic. She tells Praful to talk to Gehna about her marriage, she won’t say no to him. Anant says if they don’t mind then he will talk to her about
marriage. Jamuna nods at him happily.

Kanak thinks this much caring for Gehna is not good. Gehna says if she went to new beginning of her life then she has to leave this family. Tiya says she misunderstood and says Hiral also comes here after marriage, her relationship didn’t break with her parents after marriage and same will happen with Gehna too. Anant comes there and tells Tiya to put the plants inside the cupboard and lock it. Gehna stops her saying her plants will die without air and water.

Anant says to live they also has to move on from their comfort zone. He says she cares for these plants and his parents also cares for her that’s why they wants her to get married and they wants to see her with her husband so they can die peacefully. He says they just wants to secure her life and fulfill the duties of parents for their daughter. He says he is not forcing her and tells her to think about it for sure. Tiya hugs her and tells her to smile. Gehna tells Praful, Jamuna that she knows they wants good only for her so she will do whatever they wants her to do. Praful says they will find good groom for her. Jamuna says her bidaai will happen in grand way.

Hema complaints about Radhika. Kanak says Radhika is useful for them saying they can use her as their pawn because she doesn’t seem like just a friend of Anant and only she can take him from his house. She says they has to make sure that Gehna doesn’t get good groom and also has to stop Praful from spending so much money for Gehna’s marriage. Radhika says Anant’s room is so clean. He gives the credit to Gehna. She asks doesn’t he think it’s too soon for Gehna’s marriage. He says she does all the work of others but it’s not her life. She says she feels that his parents are Gehna’s world. Next day Gehna start her household chores.

Praful says Gehna’s future in laws are lucky but they will miss her. Guruji comes there. Jamuna says she wanted to talk to him about Anant’s marriage. He says Anant’s bride entered the house already. That time Anant and Radhika comes there and takes blessings from Guruji. Jamuna introduces Radhika to Guruji. He says few things going to change but they can face all those situations. Hema punishes Gehna by destroying her fav thing.

Episode ends.

Precap – Anant tries to take Gehna’s picture.

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