India Waali Maa 19th January 2021 Written Update: Kaku gets an idea to earn

India Waali Maa 19th January 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Rohan missing his parents. He calls his mother and wishes him for Makar Sankranti. Hasu calls Kaku and asks him to wish him too but he cuts the call claiming to be busy. Rohan knocks on secretary’s door and wishes her happy Pongal and gifts her. Rohan tries convince the secretary but she behaves rude with him and sends him away. A girl comes and asks what happened.

She says that a person from builder group has came and gets upset.  They decide to visit Kaku. Secretary visits Hasu and apologizes for the inconvenience. Kaku manages the situation to cover it from Hasu. She informs secretary that she hid about 5000 to her husband. She asks what will she do when it gets over.

Kaku says she’s worried about the same. She wonders how to manage the expenses. She gives her sweet and Secretary praises her. Secretary advises her to sell products visiting home to home. Kaku says she can’t do it as Hasu is unwell. With their discussion she gets an idea. She says they all love spicy food and she makes very good chilli pickles. Secretary likes the idea and they both go to buy chillies.

Moorthy asks Rohan to get rid of the people Anand colony soon. Rohan asks for his luggage and Chinu’s mother  says that she has kept it in Chinu’s room as they are are married anyway. Rohan feels uncomfortable and Moorthy leaves with Chinu’s mother  to give space to them. They both feel awkward as Rohan behaves cold with Chinu. Rohan leaves to his room and gets freshen up. Chinu’s mother  sends Chinu to get ready too as they might be arriving.

 Chinu selects her dress and recalls Rohan saying they should wear traditional outfit. She selects a saree when all of a sudden Rohan comes there. They both feel awkward. Chinu struggles to hook her blouse. She asks for Rohan’s help with his eyes closed. They both gets romantic as Rohan hooks her blouse with closed eyes. She asks him to open eyes now. Rohan admires her. Chinu’s mother  knocks the door and Rohan reminds her that they are married.

Kaku explains shopkeeper about her strategy and bargains with him. He gets convinced in the end. Guests asks for Meenu and she comes there. She greets them. Chinu and Rohan too comes there. Meenu asks how’s she looking while Rohan says beautiful looking at Chinu. They all chitchat for sometime. Secretary and Kaku comes back buying ingredients for pickle. Hasu asks her the reason and she makes up an excuse. Kaku thinks that she can do anything for him.

Precap : Kaku makes pickles and tries selling it but none buys it.