India Waali Maa 30th December 2020 Written Update: Chinu doubts about Kaku, Bhatuknath

India Waali Maa 30th December 2020 Written Update on

Kaku is eating dosa with Hassu, Chinu calls her and asks where is she, if she is near office. Kaku says no, she is near house buying vegetables and asks if Chinu has any work with her. Chinu says she has to show the final design and sees Kaku with Bhatuknath. Chinu tells auto driver to take U-turn towards Kaku, but Kaku, Hassu go before Chinu reaches there.

Chinu sees Bhatuknath at home, he serves her food, Chinu sees its Dosa and says taste is so good like outside. Hassu says he made it with his own hands, didn’t bring it outside. Chinu says when did she tell he bought it out, she is just praising the taste. Chinu thinks why both are lying.

Kaku is feeling unwell, Rohan asks why did she eat out. She says Chandraprabha forced her to eat dosa. Chinu calls Rohan and asks him to come to office, she has to tell something important. Rohan says ma is unwell as she ate out, he has to take care of her. Chinu tells him to give tablet to Kaku and come to office, its business emergency.

Chinu sees Hassu unwell and gives him tablet and goes to office. Hassu calls Kaku and they know both are suffering stomach ache.

At office, Chinu tells Rohan its not related to business, but its important and he has to know. She shows him a plate and cup and asks what will happen if they break, Rohan asks why is she talking about grocery. Chinu asks if his parents fought. Rohan says no, they love each other a lot. Chinu says she saw Kaku and Bhatuknath together at Tasty Dosa corner. She says Kaku is living apart from her husband, Bhatuknath is also living single, may be they both are seeing other. Rohan asks what is she saying, its impossible. Chinu says its not wrong, Kaku works hard at office and home, she also needs someone to share her feelings and Bhatuknath ji is also very good person, she sees a connection between them. Rohan says he can’t talk like this about his mother and goes out. He calls Hassu and asks about cup, plate and covers it asking if cup plate set is fine, Hassu says yes and Rohan ends the call. Rohan calls again and asks if cup-plate set broke and he and Mom fought, Hassu says no, call ends.

At home, Rohan asks Kaku what does she think of Bhatuknath, he is staying with Chinu, so he is asking for safety. Kaku says Chandraprabha verified about Bhatuknath, he is a good man. She says she is happy as he cares about Chinu even now, he says just like she thinks about Hassu daily. Kaku feels weird.

Kaku calls Hassu and finds Rohan called Hassu and asked about fight, she understands Chinu saw them at dosa center.

Next day, at office Rohan tells Chinu she is thinking wrong, there is nothing between Kaku, Bhatuknath.