Story 9 Months Ki 30th December 2020 Written Update: Sarang opposes Alia’s new campaign idea

Story 9 Months Ki 30th December 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Kavya asking Sarang how he changed his plan when she trusted him and considered him as friend. Sarang apologizes telling her that he got job of writer. Kavya laughs and says that she was just acting. She jokes about being an amazing writer and Sarang praises her. Kavya sings “Kar har maidaan fateh” for him. Sarang says that she sings amazingly and she should sing in open mic. Kavya’s mood changes and she says that she has work to do. She wishes him luck for his first day at office.

On the other hand, Alia meets some possible donors on videocall but rejects them all. She thinks there must be 1% of population that is sophisticated and intelligent. She is worried because only eleven days are left.

In Madhura, Kamleshwari feels embarrassed thinking about Brij Mohan wanting another baby at this age. She decides to find out who has put such thoughts in his mind. She follows Brij Mohan who goes to meet Ved Ji to get a medicine to give to Kamleshwari. He gets it. Kamleshwari keeps an eye on him.

In the evening, Rahul calls Alia telling her about a possible donor who is perfect: Rishi Oberoi. He assures her that she won’t be disappointed. Alia says that she got hopeless but she checks Rishi’s curriculum and likes him. She connects with him and the two chat for hours agreeing about various points. After cutting the videocall, Alia calls Rahul and tells him that she thinks she found the perfect donor for her baby. “Jeete hai chal” plays. Rahul says it’s great. Alia smiles.

The next morning, Mala talks about Ahilya show with her colleagues and they decide to watch it together. On the other hand, Sarang sees his roommates standing together happily in front of him. He feels scared. They gift him a shirt and insists for him to accept it and wear it. A neighbour aunty bring dahi shakkar for Sarang’s new beginning and her kid asks him to bring sweets when he returs. He promises he will and then walks to a corner where he wipes a tear. He tells his friends that they made him emotional and jokes that people will think he got beaten.

Sarang reaches the office where Scarlett forbids him to enter and says that buttering won’t work this time so she will get permission from Alia first. Sarang dedicates a poetry to her and she melts. Mala comes there and gets happy seeing him. She calls Rahul, Rosy and the others. Everyone comes to welcome back Sarang. Mala thanks him for saving her job and Mr Poonawala’s anniversary. She tells Rahul who always call Alia right that she was wrong this time:

Alia’s researches and data were wrong and Sarang’s emotions won. She is sure there will be a battle now onwards: Alia’s data vs Sarang’s emotions. Everyone gets silent seeing Alia there. She walks to her cabin and asks Rahul to gather everyone in conference room.

Everyone gathers there. Alia says that there has been a 25% decline in sales this year but they have time to cover up at least 10 to 15% and to do that they will be launching a new campaign on social media: “express yourself day” on which people will get to express their feelings that they usually keep unsaid through gifts.

Sarang opposes the idea since it’s like telling people that the solution to their weak heart is expensive gifts. Alia says that they will keep a poll on their social media handle for one hour and they will also give 21% to all Direct dil se products in the occasion of 2021. Everyone leaves.

Everyone waits for 4pm to happen in order to see the results of the poll. Rosy thinks result will be in favour of Alia but Mala prays for Sarang to win. They all meet at 4pm and Alia announces that 97% people have voted for “express yourself day” to happen. She says that losses have been so much that they thought to cut in terms of staff also but now they might cover up the loss. She says that the business doesn’t run with emotions but mind glaring at Sarang. 

Mala is disappointed by the result since she voted against the idea. Sarang says that he felt nice to learn that she agrees with him. Mala reveals that she wanted to escape from extra work. She drops coffee on Sarang by mistake and apologizes. He goes to clean.

Alia is impatiently waiting for the donor’s confirmation. Rahul is impatient too. Alia meets Mr Poonawala who laughs knowing that Alia launched this campaign to prove that a business doesn’t run with emotions. He explains Alia that it’s necessary to merge Sarang’s creativity with his logic: her idea got so much popularity only after she kept voting and that happened because Sarang went against her. He then insists for Christmas celebration in the office. Rahul votes in favour of this idea. Alia agrees and thinks that she is just waiting for a Christmas miracle.

Episode ends

Precap: Alia tells Rabia about the almost perfect donor they found and she is just waiting for his confirmation. Sarang is about to transfer a  call to Alia but Rahul rushes to her and tells her something. She smiles.