India Waali Maa 30th September 2020 Written Update: Kaku sees Rohan taking money

India Waali Maa 30th September 2020 Written Update on

Kaku tries to leave, but Mrs Hegde stops her, she can’t leave in between, otherwise she won’t get payment. Vasu shares the video to Murthy through WhatsApp. Guests love the food. Vasu talks to Kaku, she says its wrong of Rohan to do this. His name will be spoiled.

She tries to help Kaku, but Kaku stops her, she will do all the work, Rohan gave his word, she won’t let his name spoil. She will clean kitchen and go. Vasu says as per money, Rohan made Kaku most expensive cook in Bangalore, something was wrong in Rohan’s upbringing, Kaku is sad. She washes the dishes.

Rohan calls her and says he is waiting outside. Kaku apologizes Mrs Hegde, she didn’t know anything and played Tambola, Mrs Hegde says its okay, she understands and she didn’t cut the payment.

Kaku comes out and sees Rohan collecting money. She cries and walks away. Rohan asks the man to send his mother out, he says she already went out. Kaku is walking through traffic and few vehicles just miss hitting her. Rohan asks watchman if he saw a lady wearing yellow Saree going out. He asks if he is talking about cooking maid, Rohan asks how can he address her maid, watchman says its the work she did, she went through another gate by walking, she looked upset.