India Waali Maa 31st December 2020 Written Update: Kaku saves the raw material from burning

India Waali Maa 31st December 2020 Written Update on

Hassu calls Chinu and tells to put clothes in safety place, Chinu thanks him. She tells Rohan that Bhatuknath ji called and said to put raw material in warehouse. Rohan says its not necessary to listen to Bhatuknath always, he read safety precautions on Internet, there are fire alarms, water sprinklers at office and office has insurance. They can’t bear warehouse rent and transportation cost. Kaku says his father always took advice of elders in cloth business. Rohan asks her not to compare him with his father, generation changed and there are advanced methods for safety.

Balwinder collides with Meenu and apologizes, she sees the cans in his hand and asks what is it, he says its chemical, he is going to put it in storeroom. He places the cans in storeroom where all the cloth boxes are kept. Before putting them in rack, Rohan calls Balwinder, he leaves cans and goes to Rohan. Rohan tells him to take care of clients food, caterers, he wants everything perfect.

Chinu calls everyone to conference room, she asks from when they are working on this project, she knows they all worked hard but today is the presentation day. She asks Keerti what’s the ramp walk theme, its so simple, she trusted her. Keerti says its best, Chinu says she wants something new, Meenu supports Keerti and taunts if Chinu made it, it will become best. Chinu asks Meenu if she came to office to pass sarcastic comments on her. Rohan signals Meenu to calm down.

Chinu asks them to think of any ideas, Kaku says she got an idea and asks Chinu, Meenu, Keerti to come out, she will show, they all go out and come putting pillows to show big stomach. Kaku explains the idea, Keerti will portray 3 months pregnant woman, Meenu 6 months and Chinu 9 months. They will walk in order not as single, but couple. Kaku tells Fawad to be with Keerti, another man with Meenu and Rohan with Chinu.

Kaku says pregnancy is not just mother’s role, father also has equal importance, she narrates how her husband Hasmukh always stayed with her when she was pregnant. Everyone appreciate the idea except Keerti who leaves the room. Chinu gets emotional and Rohan consoles her, both reminisce their talks about baby. Kaku feels happy seeing it.

Hassu calls Kaku and says he is waiting outside, she tells him to hide, Rohan and Chinu are going out, he can come to office after they leave.

Kaku tells Meenu to put mannequin in storeroom, Meenu takes it to storeroom, mannequin hits chemical can and chemical flows out, it touches the cloth and starts burning slowly.

Kaku and employees sense burning smell and Kaku shouts for Rohan, Chinu and goes inside storeroom. She takes the cloth boxes one by one and passes them out. At last, she feels trouble breathing.