Roja 31st December 2020 Written Update: Arjun ruins Anu plan

Roja 31st December 2020 Written Update on

Today’s episode starts with Arjun informs to all that he decided to celebrate Balu’s father 70th birthday in ashramam. Balu father deny it by saying why should he celebrate it in his age. Arjun says its the correct time to celebrate. He informed to the incharge that he gonna celebrate his birthday so arrange biriyani to all on that day. He nods happily. Arjun and Roja says to them he will come tomorrow and bids bye to them.

In house both informed it to them but Annapoorna deny it. Roja says to her that Balu’s father is poor person he has none to celebrate his birthday with him so let them allow to celebrate it. Annapoorna deny it by saying she can’t allow it to happen. Arjun and Roja says what’s wrong in it to celebrate his birthday. Annapoorna says they are trying to get good name infront of all by doing it. Arjun deny it. Annapoorna ask to him that many aged peoples are here will he celebrate everyone birthday like this?

Yasodha added that they are Balu’s parents and her in laws she is not interested to do it all then why did they showing pity on them? Roja replies she is not showing it that’s why she is doing it. Annapoorna complaints that Kalpana used to never talk infront of her but this Roja speaking against her. Arjun says that she made her shut her mouth always but not in this time. Roja having all freedom to say her opinion. Annapoorna glares him then said no one from this family allowed to go there. Kalpana tries to convince her but she didn’t listen and insult Roja so Kalpana says to them whoever coming or not she will definitely come.

Annapoorna asking to Kalpana Is she mad? Her brain is working or not? Arjun ask to Pratap don’t he question these all Annapoorna commenting bad about his mother. Pratap standing there in silent. Arjun said if someone says bad about his wife he will finish them. But his father is always behind his mother words. Roja says to Annapoorna that Arjun is a lawyer and Aswin is a good business man so its clearly saying Kalpana is brilliant then why did she teasing her?

Yasodha about to go near her to beat her but Kalpana stopped her and says Roja saying the truth for that why did she getting angry. She assures to Arjun she will participate. Annapoorna says if she go then she will leave the house. Pratap ask them to stop it and says to Arjun he knew well to argue and support but he don’t wanna create problem here you will understand it in his age.

Anu get summon from court she signed it and get it. Arjun ask her to present in court. Annapoorna complaints that he is always blaming for new things. Arjun says to her that Anu came here to escape from this case she will understand it after 3 months. Sakshi and Anu are waiting for Naveen to come.

Anu proudly saying to her that she bribe him and will collect all evidence. Naveen comes there. They give money to him he ask them to look at back side. Arjun and Roja got down from it. Arjun tease her that his entry is surprise to them. He done this all to find out whether Anu has direct link to it or not. Now he confirmed it let’s meet in court. They leaves in car.

Episode end