India Waali Maa 5th January 2021 Written Update: Meenu wants to separate Rohan and Chinu

India Waali Maa 5th January 2021 Written Update on

Client and investor praise Batuknath for the event success, Rohan looks unhappy and recalls about Batuknath. Chinu thanks audience and praises Kaushalya for her designs made the event more beautiful. Rohan takes the mic and says he was waiting for this day since long and he wants to tell a story like Batuknath ji told Santa story. Rohan says a toy wants to fly high but its father said it can’t fly alone even before attempting, when toy failed, father called it loser instead of motivating. Chinu stops Rohan and changes topic saying when a baby brings happiness to the family, father is equally important as mother, that’s their theme.

Rohan confronts his father why he did all this by hiding, he took credit for all his hardwork, Chinu tries to calm Rohan but he asks her to stay out of it. Rohan says he may not come 1st in race without his help, but he would at least come 2nd or 3rd. Rohan says he didn’t ask his help, then what was the need to interfere in his project. Kaku tells him to talk to his father with respect. Hassu tells Chinu, he already told na, Rohan wouldn’t understand. Rohan says whats there to understand. Kaku says even when children grow big, they may need parents help, it doesn’t mean children are small.

Hassu expresses his sadness to Kaku. When Rohan was running in race in childhood and was about to fall, he ran and saved Rohan from falling, now also he is Rohan’s father and he helped Rohan. He sold house to send Rohan to America.

Meenu calls Sagar and introduces herself as Murthy’s younger daughter and asks to meet. She meets Sagar and says Rohan, Chinu are business partners now, they may unite soon and Chinu will live her dream life and she has to remain as failure, she doesn’t want that, she wants to break Rohan, Chinu’s partnership. She asks Sagar if he has any ideas.

Chinu tries to talk to Rohan, he asks why she didn’t tell him before. Chinu says she also knew only few hours back, she didn’t get time to tell him. Rohan angrily asks if she didn’t get time to tell such an important matter. He asks Chinu to stay out of his family matter.

Precap: Rohan, Chinu greet client, client asks where are their assistants Batuknath and Kaushalya. On the other hand, Hassu tells Kaku to come to Bhuj, he booked tickets.