Intinti Gruha Laxmi 14th January 2021 Written Update: Prem feels thrilled with Nandu and Sruthi gifts

Intinti Gruha Laxmi 14th January 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Nandu praises Tulasi for clearing his problems. Tulasi says company realised your need for them that’s why they are taking him back. Nandu says it’s your Honesty and they convinced with your Honesty that’s why I got another opportunity. Tulasi says hope you learn to be honest with everyone than you won’t loose anything and don’t loose yourself in problems try to face them. Nandu says he will learn things like she said.

Divya asks her Mom why she is not doing any special for Prem birthday? Did you forgot it or what. Tulasi says she remembers each and everything about her kids. Prem comes to her Mom. Tulasi wishes him. Prem takes her blessings and goes out. Divya offers her help to cut veggies to her Mom.

Prem reaches to Mohan house. Sruthi closes his eyes. Prem yes her name correctly. Sruthi asks how he found it. Prem says he can sense with her breath. Both lost in eachother eyes and they comes out seeing Madhavi who wishes him happy birthday. Prem thank her. Madhavi asks him about celebration at their place. Prem says their is no celebrations this year. Madhavi goes to get him Payasam. Sruthi gifts him scarf. Prem feels happy and asks Sruthi to come out do he can give her treat. Sruthi says she don’t want Ashwin see them. Madhavi gives Payasam to them.

Nandu decorates home with Divya. Tulasi feels happy with Nandu change and says this is the first birthday Nandu is participating in Prem birthday. Ankita says change us common and very soon uncle will know your importance too.

Bhagya asks why Lasya looks angry. Lasya says she is irritated with celebrations. Bhagya says she is astonished with Tulasi strength to face problems. Lasya says very soon Tulasi will get lesson.

Prem feels happy seeing decorations and whole family surrounds him. Prem asks what’s the need of this surprise. Tulasi says normal one and asks him to come fast after getting ready. Prem goes to his room. Nandu stops Prem and says I never gifted you anything on birthday thinking you’re going in wrong way but you proved me wrong and he makes Prem wear watch and says small gift for you. Prem thanks his Dad and tells him that it’s previous gift for him. Nandu feels proud of his son and happily hugs him. Prem goes to get ready.

Lasya questions what Nandu is talking emotionally with Prem. Nandu says he is my son and loving him is not wrong. Lasya asks why sudden love. Nandu says he realised his love but that’s your problem. Lasya says she is feeling insecure with his behaviour. Nandu says it’s his duty to live his son. Lasya asks what’s the need of that gift at this situation.

Nandu says don’t spoil atmosphere, I bought him small gift so don’t spoil my mood and he leaves from that place. Lasya sees Tulasi in the way. Tulasi says you can’t change the real family bondings, hope you realize it very soon. Lasya says don’t feel that you won, Nandu is just angry at this moment and he will be back to me. Tulasi asks Lasya to come out of her illusion very soon because Nandu heart is filled with me and my family. Lasya says let’s see who will win.

Precap – Lasya cuts the power to ruin Birthday celebration.