Intinti Gruhalaxmi 25th January 2021 Written Update: Nandu feels humiliated at office

Intinti Gruhalaxmi 25th January 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Nandu says you may force me to marry if I get divorce but I’m not ready for marriage. Lasya says how many days I have to wait for you? Nandu ask her to think from his position. Lasya asks what’s stopping him. Nandu says I don’t know but we have to wait until my heart gets ready to marry you so understand my heart.

Tulasi sats his heart is in confused state Father in law and he couldn’t even understand his own feelings, already he is in so much stress because Lasya so it won’t good if we also force him , this stress may spoil his health so let him learn what’s good and bad for him so let’s wait until he realises. Lasya says this matter is small for you but don’t forget you’re playing with my life.

Nandu says he don’t have any intention to cheat her. Lasya says you’re doing injustice to me, only God can know why you’re doing this and she leaves from that place. Tulasi says father in law we can’t blame god for our mistakes, all are feeling he stopped this love because of his love on me but I what’s his heart feeling. Nandu thinks noone is understanding his heart.

Prem meets Sruthi and rotates her in excitement than he apologizes to her for his behaviour. Sruthi asks reason for his excitement. Prem tells how their parents divorce case is postponed because of his Dad request. Sruthi feels surprised. Prem says Dad will change in these 6months and will realise his love on mom. Sruthi says than his family will be happy like before.

Ankita asks Abhi you’re forgetting to get my makeup kit so please bring it. Abhi agrees to get it than sees his wallet is empty than he thinks to take money from his Mom. Abhi goes to Tulasi. Tulasi asks if he needs anything. Abhi says Ankita asked me to get makeup kit but my wallet is empty. Ankita sees everything. Tulasi gives him 5k. Abhi says he don’t need that much money but Tulasi asks him to keep it. Abhi goes happily. Ankita scolds Abhi for taking money from Tulasi aunty. Abhi says it’s common to take money from Mom, why you’re over reacting. Ankita says Aunty is working hard to get that money so it’s not good to take it from her and you can tell me if you don’t have money to buy Makeup kit.

Abhi says she is overreacting. Ankita says you have doctor degree and youre married man so it’s not good to depend on your parents and I’m ashamed seeing your attitude. Abhi shouts at her saying she is creating issue. Ankita says I loved you thinking you’re hard working person but seeing your current state I’m thinking whether I took wrong decision choosing you. Abhi says you’re hurting my ego.

Ankita says yes because I want you to realise it, I didn’t went with my mother thinking about your pride but you’re ruining our pride by taking money for our expenses and I’m ashamed when you take money, I want you to give money to others and she leaves. Abhi looks frustrated.

Nandu scolds office staff for not finishing the work on time. Manager calls Nandu to office room. Nandu goes to meet him. Manager says it’s team leader responsibility if your team is not working properly, don’t bring your personal tensions to office so start working properly than your workers will work seeing your dedication, you got this job because of your wife request but I can’t do it anything if you loose this job again, you can leave. Nandu overhears how his office staff are talking badly about him, Nandu thinks everyone is seeing my mistake and they forgot my experience, I can’t work under someone anymore and I need change in my life.

Anasuya scolds Tulasi for creating issues between Lasya and Nandu, tells Lasya is crying without having food but no-one cares for her and you’re responsible if something happens to her, don’t forget this. Tulsi goes to Lasya room with food And says you can’t change Nandu decisions if you skip food, your love is not genuine that’s why everything is happening against you.

Precap – Nandu friend advices him to start business, Nandu plans to take help from Tulasi.