Intinti Gruhalaxmi 2nd June 2021 Written Update: Lasya tries to instigate Divya against Tulasi

Intinti Gruhalaxmi 2nd June 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Shruthi notices Prem bag in the sofa and asks Tulasi about him. Tulasi tells her she don’t know and searches for him. That time they notices Prem coming inside, Tulasi asks where he went. Prem tells them he went to attend call. Ramulamma says why you’re lying? Tulasi asks what lie. Ramulamma says Prem went to Nandu, Lasya and confronted them for their mistake.

Parandamayya praises Prem. Tulasi says it’s waste to talk with them. Prem says one day they will realise my words are true. Tulasi asks him to forget about it. Divya happily meets her brother and asks about his trip. Prem says trip is super success. Divya says Shruthi missed you so much and she can’t share her problems with us like she shared with you and she teases them. Shruthi and Prem blushes seeing eachother. Tulasi says true, Shruthi is more happy seeing you. Shruthi says nothing like that aunty, I’m fine with others too. Divya says they didn’t felt so. Tulasi asks Prem to get freshen up.

Abhi gives injection to Ankita. Ankita asks what’s the need of injection for small fever. Abhi tells her he can’t take risk in her matter and he advises her to take rest until fever is reduced. Ankita says you love me so much but why these days you’re not showing it. Abhi says one must understand eachothers pain and love must visible in our actions. Ankita gets emotional and asks how he will react if he find that she hided some big thing from him. Abhi says trust is mainthing in love, until now you never hided anything from me and if you hide it that means you don’t have trust and love on me and I hope I didn’t lose your trust plus I know you will never hide anything from me so sleep peacefully leaving this topic. Ankita get tears.

Prem couldn’t get idea to compose song for his office event. Shruthi asks him what happened. Prem shares his problem. Shruthi questions why he is taking her help for idea and tells him he can’t get idea with buildup. Prem holds her ear. Shruthi runs from that place, both fights with eachother and fell in swimming pool. Tulasi notice them in drenched clothes and asks what happened. Prem tells her how they fell down.

Tulasi leaves asking them to change their clothes. Shruthi says don’t know what Aunty thought about us, again both blames eachother. Parandamayya says mistake yours Mom for coming in-between you guys. Shruthi leaves from that place. Parandamayya teases Prem and asks what’s happening between them. Prem leaves saying nothing.

Divya takes blessings of Tulasi for her first day in college. Prem teases her. Tulasi stops Prem. Prem wishes her all the best. Tulasi says these days online classes right than why you’re going to college. Divya says it’s for certificate verification. Tulasi asks Divya to take her Dad’s blessings too. Divya says she don’t want to visit Lasya place. Tulasi says don’t think about that Lasya, go and take your Dad’s blessings because he dreamed for you so much so it’s good if you inform him. Divya agrees and goes to Nandu place.

Lasya asks if she came to take financial help for her medical seat? Divya says your mind is spoiled with money, don’t expect everyone will be like you. Lasya says previously you used to like my attitude than why you changed. Divya says I get to know the difference between good and bad plus I know who thinks for my wellbeing. Lasya says you’re spoiling your life listening your Mom’s words and you dont have future at that house so come here I will make Nandu change your future to gold. Divya smiles and tells her that Nandu loves her more.

Episode ends.

Precap – Anjali came to meet Tulasi. Anasuya mocks her. Tulasi takes side of Anjali.