Is it possible to demolish love from the world? A challenge in RadhaKrishn

Star Bharat popular show Radhakrishnn is definitely giving a whole new meaning to love and affection between a men and women. “Love” is a divine term which can not be seen neither be brought or be sold it can be given from within soul and felt by a pure heart. Everything beautiful in this world is somewhere connected to love and affection between every living and nonliving thing. So is it really possible to vanish the very much emotion of love from the eternity? The latest promo of Radha Krishna is about that very much question.

Radhakrishn is one of the most loved mythological show of TV now a days. The chemistry between Sumedh and Mallika is being appreciated across not only TRP audience but also online fans. The show is being impressive on many levels be it acting, presentation or cinematography. The latest promo of the show talks about the core agenda behind the love saga of Radha and Krishna.

The promo features Kansh and Lord Shiva in a frame where Shiva is warning him about the ultimate outcome of his sinful life. Lord Shiva told Kansh that the very much involvement of Radha and Krishna happened on earth to send the message and establish the emotion of love. Post that Krishna will put a full stop on your life as well. Listening to this Kansh said what if I destroy and finishes the very existence of love from the world? Listening to this Krishna is looking worried and a black shadow is covering up the brightness of the beautiful garden of heaven.

Is it possible to demolish love from the world? A challenge in RadhaKrishn

Well now that’s a very relevant track matching to the current scenario of our society where a particular section of people are trying to destroy the feeling of love present in all our mind to establish their agenda of evilness. Well lets what this track brings to us in the upcoming episodes.

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