Kalyani to face hurdles to meet Malhar in Tujhse Hai Raabta

Zee TV’s one of the popular show Tujhse Hai Raabta is currently seeing another unwanted separation track of Kalyani and Malhar. The current track of the show is witnessing a big twist with Appa committing suicide and the blame comes on Malhar. Though all knows that it’s a plain setup by someone to frame Malhar and make him go through sufferings. Now with Atul being back at the Deshmukh house the situation is getting more tough for Kalyani and Anupriya.

Earlier we have seen that Sampada and Arthav separately gave cough syrup to Moksha in order to make him sleep. Later, Kalyani tries  to wake Moksha up but got shocked when he does not respond.

Later, Kalyani promises to Malhar that she will get him out of the prison. Later, Kalyani and Sarthak make a plan to find out the person who wrote Rao Saheb’s suicide note in order to frame Malhar.

https://twitter.com/ZeeTV/status/1120230948153376768Arthav told Sampada that Malhar would be taken to the court soon and he has hired some goons to kill him. Later, Kalyani reaches the court and gets afraid after watching a goon carrying a blade.

Now in the upcoming episodes of the show viewers will witness some major happenings in the lives of Malhar and Kalyani. While amidst of all these things started to getting normal between Malhar and Kalyani marriage, Atul is being the major obstacle currently. The ardent audience of the show will see Anupriya advising Kalyani to go and meet Malhar. She will further ask her to have a word with him regarding their relationship. While going to meet Malhar Atul will stop Kalyani and try to restrict her from going to meet Malhar. However Kalyani will refuse and in the heat of the argument Atul will slap Kalyani. Well now it will be interesting to see how Kalyani overcome this hurdles and meet her husband.

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