Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 11th March 2020 Written Update: Yogi is adamant to arrange the money for Gunjan Operation

Episode starts with Prakash asks Gunjan where is she leaving. Rani intervenes and says Gunjan is going to Shiv place. Prakash reveals that I asked Shiv to stay here and he asks Gunjan to make them agree to stay here. Gunjan leaves with Yogi. Seeing Vivek and Kabir tension Prakash asks did Gunjan and Yogi went to somewhere. Shiv and Seema reaches to Srivastavs home and reveals that they came to play with Ansh. Prakash says Gunjan and Shiv goes to their place because of their call. Seema says they didn’t called them. Kusum asks where they went than Vivek and Kabir reveaks that they went to meet Dr Wilson.

Dr Wilson says Gunjan can get her voice after operation. Yogi and Gunjan feels happy. Another doctor informs them that they need 20lakhs for surgery in 15days.  Yogi informs this to family and everyone gets shocked. Shiv says after surgery Gunjan need medicines too and we may need upto 25 lakhs. Everyone says it’s tough to get this amount. Yogi says Gunjan can get her voice and it’s the chance to get her treated. Everyone thinks how to get money. Shiv cries saying it’s my punishment for my crimes and i doesn’t have any money to help my daughter. Dadaji says we are always with Ansh and Gunjan.

Gunjan says I don’t have any problem and I’m fine without voice. Yogi asks Gunjan to don’t loose hope and he says I want Gunjan to get treated and I know how she want her voice and Yogi says i will arrange money and Gunjan will get her voice and it’s gonna be the good gift for you and he takes Ansh with him to upstairs. Everyone gets shocked.

Nisha and Rani discusses how can it’s possible to arrange 20lakhs and they gets silent seeing Vivek and he says it’s tough Yogi to arrange 20lakhs in 15days. Rani says can’t we help in anyway. Vivek says it’s tough. Nisha says but Yogi is adamant to arrange the money. Vivek says Yogi will be silent after 2days knowing the reality.

Next day at shop Yogi thinks about money. Bablu and surjit asks him how he is planning to arrange the money. Yogi shows his list of works he will do to get money. Surjit and Bablu tears his list and scolds him saying it’s tough to arrange 20lakhs in 15 days doing this kind of works. Yogi says bit I need money. Bablu says loot Surjit shop. Yogi slaps Bablu. Surjit and Bablu says even we want Gunjan to get her voice but this is not the way. Yogi looks on.

Precap – Bablu suggest to take sufari from some builder. Family members discusses where Yogi went. Prakash comes to home and says I will tell where Yogi went.