Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 25th March 2020 Written Update: Family members supports Yogi in fitness training

Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 25th March 2020 Written Update on

Episode starts with Pari reminsces about her past moments with Yogi. Bablu informs Vivek and Kabir about Yogi performance in the practice match. Kabir says Gunjan future is in Yogi hands and if Yogi fails to do it than he will become low in his own eyes. Kabir says you’re right bhai and I will take leave from work and I will train him. Vivek says we have full the josh in Yogi. Bablu and Surjit agrees.

Next day onwards Kabir and Vivek along with their wives train Yogi at home with needed speed exercises.  Yogi gets tired but Vivek and Kabir makes him do more exercise for his fitness. Nisha and Rani gets worried. Yogi faints.

 Rani and Nisha asks them to leave but Kabir and Vivek wakes him up and makes him to pushups for Gunjan. After some pushups he sleeps again but Vivek and Kabir again makes him practice more giving the juice.

Nisha and Rani helps Yogi for practice egen their husband went to office.Yogi kicks football and breaks neighbor’s window pan. Nisha and Rani gets shocked and hides with Yogi. Neighbor says I know you did it Yogi and threatens Prakash to file police complaint. Yogi and others get worried.

Pari plays with football and thinks about her moments with Sujoy and his views about marriage and how he always helped her everytime. Someone knocks the door. Pari opens the door thinking it’s Neha but Sujoy rushes into Pari’s house with bouquet and sits on bean bag. Pari asks him what are doing but she slips on football and falls on him. Both share beautiful eyelock. Sujoy asks did you fell on me intentionally.

 Pari says no but why you cane here. Sujoy says I came here to meet 501 girl but she is not at home and I ran here seeing their dog. Pari asks him so you plan to take her on date. Sujoy says no but I bought this flowers for her and he asks Pari to keep that bouquet.

Pari looks confused. Sujoy says I will tell you the truth, these flowers are for you because I came here to apologise you for that day because that time I was harsh with you. Pari accepts the flowers and says you’re not wrong. Sujoy says tough to share with stranger without any relation. Pari says Sujoy I thinks it’s better if we don’t meet.

Precap –  Neha informs Pari that Sujoy still loves her. Pari says so. Neha says Yogi is moved on, won’t you do marriage in your life. Yogi feels emotional seeing Shoes gift from Dadaji.