Beyhadh 2 25th March 2020 Written Update: MAYA ASKS VIKRAM TO PROVE HIS LOVE FOR HER

Beyhadh 2 25th March 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Vikram putting bandage on Nandini’s wound and asking Maya if he wants her mother’s happiness. Maya nods silently. Vikram orders them not to meet until he won’t be sure that Maya won’t ever leave him. The doorbell rings and Vikram goes to check.

Nandini asks Maya if she really doesn’t remember anything. She tells her that Vikram is lying to her and is not her husband. She suggests Maya to escape but Maya says that she can’t leave her. Vikram comes back and says that they have crossed the “Lakshman Rekha” so now one of them has to get exiled. He says that Maya has to stay with him so it’s Nandini who has to get exiled.

On the other hand Rudra finds the shirt on which he and Maya had let their footprints. Antara comes and says that she knows that he is confused if he should fight against love or for love. She suggests him to close his eyes and the person who he sees. Rudra does that and recalls his moments with Maya. Antara asks him who he saw. Rudra says that he saw Maya. He then recalls his moments with Rishi and says that for him now Maya means hatred for him. He promises Antara that he will kill himself if he will not be able to kill Maya when he will find her. He leaves.

Antara asks MJ to find Maya or else Rudra will kill himself. MJ says that she has not seen Rudra’s hatred yet. Meanwhile Vikram locks Maya in the room. She shouts for help. He says that nobody except her mother can hear her. Nandini cries and tries freeing herself too.

Amir brings CCTV footage of the club in which Rudra was attacked but they can only see the back of people. The manager of club says that the person who had hired the club asked them to switch off all CCTV cameras and this one just stayed on by mistake. MJ sees someone and says that he knows him.
Vikram has tied Maya’s hands with chain. She cries and he asks her not to cry or else he feels like crying too. He wipes her tears with his finger and then licks it. He touches her inappropriately. Maya cries. He lies with his head on her lap and says that he loves her calling her princess.

On the other hand Rudra sits on the edge of the roof and says that he hates Maya since she snatched his brother from him. He drinks alcohol while recalling his moments with Rishi. “Naina” plays. He thinks that Maya will have to pay for taking his brother’s life. He is sure that he will find out Maya.

Maya asks Vikram if he only lusts for her. Vikram denies that and says that he truly loves her. He tells her how he took care of her and read Geeta for her when she was in coma for four years but she broke him and his heart. He asks her if she doesn’t trust him. Maya asks him how she can trust him since he is treating her like an animal. Vikram apologizes and frees her hands. Maya asks him to prove his love.
Episode ends

Precap: Amir asks Rudra what they are doing under Maya’s building. Rudra says that he doesn’t know why but he feels Maya is there only. Maya sees the car from the window and throws a chit writing “help” on it down. Rudra gets it and looks up.