Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 28th November 2019 Written Update: Shiv feels Roshan behaviour is suspicious

Episode starts with Yogi runs seeing Pari parents. Pari father says now I understood why you don’t want to come with us and question whether she is in relationship with Yogi. Pari reminds her confession and says nothing between us. Pari mother says are you willing to come with us. Pari agrees. They feels happy.

Kusum and Rani prepares delhi dishes for Pari parents. Prakash says how will they like Delhi dishes. Rani says they eat Bengali dishes daily so Delhi dishes for them. Prakash says Pari parents mood is not good so asks them to prepare good food so it can cool them. Kusum teases him. Kusum invites Pari family for dinner. Pari parents denies. Dadi says if they are denying because of Anirudh parents words. Kusum says their nothing between Yogi and Pari. Pari Mother says she knows nothing is their between Pari and Yogi because poor Yogi is dumb and deaf. Kusums gets shocked and leaves from that place. Pari shouts on her mom and walks behind Kusum and apologies for her mom behaviour. Kusum says she knows it what they think. Yogi asks why they are crying. Kusum and dadi says nothing. Pari says they want to take her back to Kolkata.

Pari says to Yogi her mom said bad about him. Pari says she doesn’t want any problem to them because of her, so she returning to Kolkota. Bablu asks how can you leave when you and Yogi. Yogi stops him Nd Kusum asks what happening between them. Yogi takes his friends from that place.

Roshan says can’t you feel we are rushing. Chauhan says we have to torture Gunjan so she herself denies this marriage than we can show it like she still lost in Yogi love and Shiv will get embarrassed Infront of everyone. Roshan says they are getting suspicious. Chauhan says he will take of it.

Gunjan reminds about Roshan dual behaviour and her beautiful moments with Yogi. Seema and Shiv asks Gunjan to say them what happened and they gets worried. Gunjan asks them to stop their negative thinking and says she will make biryani for them. They agrees. Than Shiv and Seema says something is Wrong with Roshan. Even in office he is giving contracts according to his favour.

Bablu and Surjit asks Yogi to stop Pari before she left Delhi because she is loving him. Yogi says he wants her to go. Pari listens him and says good bye , I’m also not intrested.

Pari parents says good bye to Srivastavas. Pari mom says sorry to Kusum for her words about Yogi. Dada ji asks them to stay in their home next time.Pari father says it’s not possible bec Pari will return with them to Kolkata once they are back from Jaipur. Everyone gets shocked. Nisha vomits and everyone gets happy knowing her pregnancy.
Precap – Bablu says Pari is leaving because Yogi is not doing anything. Surjit also asks Yogi to do something. Neha says he will confess but Pari says what if it never happens. Chauhan says I’m not running with my son. Shiv says never thinks about it.