Yehh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 28th November 2019 Written Update: Roshni is back in Junaid Bhavan

Episode begins with roshani is trying to sneak in the Junaid Bhawan secretly so that no one noticed her. However Chotu noticed her and ask why she is entering through a window when there is a door. Roshni says some of your belongings are fall from the window so she went out of the window to take it. Roshni says to Chotu that kids of the house shouldn’t bother themselves so much in the family matter.

Chhotu says correct no one does anything in the house without my involvement. Anjum asks Aman about Roshni and says she has a lot of work left for the day so she needs Roshni. Aman says Roshni is around somewhere and will come soon.

On the other side, Roshni went to meet Saima and Sara in their room. She comes and ask why she is crying so much? Sara shows Roshni the video of Saima and she gets shocked to see it. She asks if she has meet Aftab before marriage? Saima says it is my fault that I went to meet him before marriage and didn’t inform anybody in the house.

Roshni asks Saima to calm down and tell her the entire thing first. Saima says she got a call from an unknown number who sent her this video. Roshni asks if the caller has asked for anything in return? Saima says nothing of that sort was said in the call but at that very moment Saima received a message from that same number asking for 5 crores from her to hide the truth. Saima says from where can I bring 5 crores and if this video get viral then I will commit suicide.

Roshni says I don’t know your brother really well but I know this much that he really loves both of you and cares for you. If anything happens to any of you then he will lose it forever. He can’t even tolerate even an ounce of harm to both of you.

Anjum comes to call Saima and ask what happened to her? Roshni says that she is just getting upset that she has to leave her mother, brother and her house in some days. Anjum asks Roshni to check with the caterers and does the food testing. Roshni agrees and says ok I will do it and then she ask Saima to calm down and she will handle it somehow. She goes for food tasting when she senses Aman is around. Before Aman can see her she hides behind a pillar.

On the other side, the Rakh Jinn successfully placed the illusional well inside the Junaid Bhawan. Aman gets ready for the event in the evening but the incident of last night is still haunting him. He decides to tell Anjum that Roshni is not at home. When he comes to tell Anjum about Roshni he gets surprised and shocked to find her in the room of Saima. he gets angry and says Roshni will not go downstairs.

However Anjum says that she is the daughter in law of this house and her presence is mandatory in the family function. Aman reluctantly agrees and goes down with Roshni. The in-laws of Saima come to their house for doing the rituals of marriage. Rakh Jinn secretly took out baazigar from the house without the notice of Aman.

Precap – Roshni saves Chotu from illusional well but get drowned herself.