Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein Written Update 22nd November 2019: Pari realises her love and confess her feelings to Yogi

Episode starts with Pari drinks coffee at the terrace. Yogi joins her. Yogi asks why she broke her alliance using him. Pari says he is her friend and it’s his duty to help her and thanks to him for his help. Pari makes fun of the Anirudh situation. Yogi says the boy is good and a doctor. Pari says Anirudh is good and perfect but she doesn’t like perfection and she loves Imperfect person with flaws. Yogi says what. Pari changes the topic and asks him to sleep.

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Pari sees Bablu and Surjit entering the Yogi room and follows them. Yogi and Bablu discuses their Suraj Kund plan. Bablu says they have to hide it from Prakash’s uncle. Surjit sees Pari and she says she will join them. Yogi says it’s a boy’s trip. Pari says she will reveal their trip to Prakash’s uncle if they don’t take her. Yogi says do whatever you want to do. Yogi says he will cancel his plan if she joins them. Pari gets angry and asks him to go without her. Bablu says They can invite Pari. Yogi says yesterday Pari breaks her alliance saying he is her boyfriend and it’s not good if she roams with him.

 Neha tries to cheer up Pari but Pari says they can enjoy the trip and have a beer but Yogi behaving oddly after she introduced him as her boyfriend. Neha asks Pari is she means it about the boyfriend. Pari denies it. Neha asks Pari to listen to her heart feelings for Yogi and realize her love.

Dadi and Dadaji discuss Kabir and Nisha’s bad mood. Kusum says Kabir is tensed because of his new boss. Pari asks Kusum about Yogi. Kusum says they are at Shop. Prakash comes and asks about Yogi. Paris thinks he wants without her. Kusum cries thinking Yogi. Pari consoles Kusum not to worry as Yogi will return home soon. Listening Pari words Prakash questions her where is Yogi. Pari says don’t know.

Pari throws everything in the room and smiles holding Yogi shirt and she hugs and kisses his shirt reminding her moments with Yogi. Yogi questions her what’s she doing in her room. Pari asks Yogi why he is upset and she didn’t say anything to Praksh. Yogi asks her to don’t cross limits. Pari cries.

Yogi asks her to stop acting. Pari says even she has felt like him and she never addresses his feelings as drama when he cries. Yogi asks who is she to involve in his life. Pari says she is not interested. Yogi asks her to be in limits. Pari says their is no limit in friendship. Yogi asks why she follows him. Pari says she feels good when she spends time with him. He shouts why why. Pari shouts because I love you. Yogi gets stunned.

Precap – Pari asks Yogi why he is avoiding her when she is just loving him. Yogi says that’s Problem. Pari says love is your Problem. Shiv shouts saying days are moving but they are not saying about Marriage date. The assistant informs there is no Swamy Ji in that name. Shiv says something is wrong Seema.