Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein: Yogi and Pari emotional love confession

Sony TV cute love story Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein serial is seeing some major points these days in their story.

As reported earlier Roshan tells Chauhan it’s not good to Provoke Shiv because he is a very influential man. Chauhan says he knows it and now your job is confirmed and i knows how to handle Shiv and asks Roshan get 3-4 contracts more for their company.

Otherside Rani notices Yogi ignorance towards Pari and confronts him about the same. She asks him to realise his love for Pari before she left them. Yogi goes to Pari room and shocked seeing her packed bags. They both fight regarding this and finally Yogi confesses his love for her with ring saying he can’t manage without her. She asks him to repeat it more times to believe it and he repeats it and they both cries happily.

In the upcoming episodes viewers gonna witness that  Yogi fixes ring in her finger. She hugs him happily and takes her to room and kisses her forehead. they gets stunned hearing Vivek calling for Yogi. Vivek stops seeing somethi. Chauhan asks Shiv to avoid Roshan mistakes in office work otherwise your daughter Gunjan will be Kumari for lifetime if you say anything to Roshan. Gunjan and Seema gets shocked. Shiv asks Chauhan to get out seeing his misbehaviour. Chauhan breaks Roshan and Gunjan alliance.

How will Vivek react if he witness Pari and Yogi in close position. How will Pari parents will react once they found about Yogi and Pari love? What will happen to Gunjan life? How will Shiv can make his daughter happy? All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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