Isharon Isharon Mein: Yogi gets sad with Pari words

Sony TV cute love story Isharon Isharon Mein serial is seeing some major points these days in their story.

As reported earlier Kusum asks Nisha about Kabir’s problem. Nisha cries hugging her without revealing their problem.

Pari mother calls her and informs about Chatterjee’s sons alliance. Pari says no for the alliance. Moin brings some guests to Srivastava’s house and the family gets happy thinking they came for Yogi alliance but they get disheartened after knowing it’s an alliance for Pari.

The family feels the groom is also a doctor and a perfect match for Pari. Yogi says in sign language Pari is a good girl and to keep her happy. Groom’s mother says he is dumb and deaf so it must be difficult to find an alliance. Kusum gets sad and Dadi consoles her saying Yogi will get married in this year

Pari is reluctant to meet the Groom family and shouts on her mother to send guests away. Pari mom asks Kusum help. Dadi and Kusum request Pari to meet the groom’s family for their respect. Pari agrees.

Chauhan suggests Roshan push Gunjan towards Yogi and keeps her love alive for Yogi so she can act against Shiv. Roshan agrees and says he will take her to Chavdi bazaar.

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In the upcoming episodes viewers gonna witness that Prakash asks Yogi to check if Pari got ready or not. Yogi walks into Pari’s room and sees her in saree. Pari asks how is she looking. He says she is looking like Durga maa and her visarjan is awaiting. Pari says Yogi will understand her value once she leaves his house forever. Yogi gets sad hearing her words and moves from that place.

Can Yogi understands what he feels for Pari? Can Gunjan witness the real face of Roshan? All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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