Sarabjeet finds Meher ‘AMAZING’: Choti Sardarni

Meher and Sarabjeet will try to mend their relationship but Pam will try to interrupt the duo.

Colors show Choti Sardarni, which impresses the audiences with its twists and turns; is currently witnessing Meher and Sarabjeet honeymoon track.

Meher and Sarabjeet along with Param reach Serbia and meets Jolly and Pam there. Pam tries to make Meher jealous by trying to get close to Sarabjeet but Sarab steps back every time. Last we saw, Param sees couple dancing at the restaurant and demands Meher and Sarab to dance as well. Before, Meher could say anything, Pam takes the opportunity and forwards her hand to Sarab and offers him to dance with her.

Sarab and Pam dances and Meher feels uncomfortable. Param gets upset and ask Meher to dance too. Meher tells her that she only dances on the Punjabi beat. Param ask the DJ to play the Punjabi music and Meher dances her heart out. Sarab and Param too dance with her and Pam gets jealous. Ahead, Meher fall in Sarabjeet’s arm and the duo shares an eyelock.

Other side, Bittu, Kulwant and others gets to know that Jitto is cheating upon Bittu. Bittu learns that Jito is having an affair with someone else. Kulwant and Bittu decides to teach her a lesson.

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Now in the upcoming episode will see, Pam will try to woo Sarabjeet.

As Sarabjeet and Meher will try to mend their realionship on their honeymoon, their romantic time will get interrupted when Pam will try to woo Sarab. She will ask Sarab why he rejected her and married Meher. Sarabjeet then will praise and will tell to Pam that Meher is ‘AMAZING’.

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