Ishq Mein Marjawan 2: Sarah to attempt to kill Vansh?

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Popular show Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 is gearing up for high voltage drama in the show with Sara challenging Riddhima.

In the previous episode, Riddhima got worried when she didn’t find Vansh in the holtel and Vansh didn’t answer her calls. Riddhima asked Angre about Vansh, but he also didn’t know about Vansh’s whereabouts. Riddhima asked Angre to find Vansh the other side of the hotel. Riddhima’s ring was worried for Vansh. Her ring fell in the pool. Sara came out of the pool taking the ring. Sara threatened Riddhima and said that Vansh didn’t answer her calls and stated that dead people don’t speak enraging Riddhima. The latter warned Sara and went back to her room. Riddhima got finding a knife soacked in blood. Sara came there and told Riddhima that she had killed Vansh. Riddhima refused to believe. She slapped Sara and asked to leave the room.

Later Riddhima found a note which asked Riddhima to check the washroom for her gift. Riddhima shouted seeing a deadbody. She shouted Angre. The latter checked the body and assured Riddhima that Vansh is fine. Riddhima felt rrelieved when Vansh came back to the hotel. Vansh told Riddhima that he went to get a necklace for Riddhima. Sara suddenly came there and introduced herself as Gayatri, Riddhima’s childhood friend. Vansh excused himself from there in order to give privacy to the friends to have a discussion. Sara challenged Riddhima that she will kill Vansh in the 12 hours. Sara also revealed that Riddhima snatched her love from her, so she’s taking revenge on Riddhima by snatching her love.

In the upcoming episode Riddhima will tell Sara that she’s doing wrong. Sara will ask Riddhima to focus on time. Sara will mix something in the drink and will offer the drink to Vansh. Riddhima will be worried for Vansh.

Sara will succeed in her challenge? Or Riddhima will fail Sara’s plan?

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