Ishq mein marjawaan: suspense, suspense and suspense!

Color TV’s suspense thriller ‘Ishq Mein Marjawaan’ never fails at generating and delivering thrilling suspense stories in a loop. The show hooks its niche fan following with intrigue of who’s going to what next and for what. Lots of stories are stringed relentlessly ever since its beginning and the characters have come a long way. In the recent episodes, we witnessed Arohi finding a photo-locket in Deep’s room and is curious about what it is.

She wonders about the photo inside the locket and attempts to find out about it. Deep, on the other side, is still not done troubling Arohi and does everything to keep her in control. Wasu follows Arohi’s steps like a shadow and reports everything to deep. Arohi has been injected by Deep and is left to sleep for straight 24 hours and when she wakes up without even a slight hint of what happened to her. To her surprise, she is blamed of harming Kiya and for that, she will be arrested.

She will somehow come out of this situation but there are lots of other issues that will surround her. In an upcoming episode of the show, Deep will tell Arohi that he is about to tell media about the gold mine. He says he has called for a press conference to declare about the gold mine to journalists. Is he cooking something behind this press conference thing as well? That’s for viewers to watch as its Ishq Mein Marajawaan, what happens next is always unpredictable.

Moreover, after the press conference, Arohi will again find a ring which has Kashyap’s picture in it. First locket and now this ring will hike Arohi’s interest to dig deep into the person’s identity. What story will these incidents tell, let’s wait and watch?

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