Kasauti Zindagi Kay: The much-awaited faceoff is here!

Fans of Anurag and Prerna from Star Plus’s superhit franchise ‘Kasauti Zindagi Kay’ can rejoice as the ultimate villain in their love story is now up for a severe fall. Finally, the truth of Komalika will be exposed to all the family members and the façade of goodness she built up for so long will come to an end. Everybody will see her true colors after she confesses all of her crimes in an over glorifying manner to taunt Prerna of her success. In an upcoming incident inside the show, Komolika and Prerna will have a faceoff where Komalika will mock Mohini. Prerna, in an attempt to expose her deeds, will instigate and provoke Komalika to confess whatever crimes she has conducted. Komolika will then dramatically sing her victorious evil deeds and narrate everything she did to the family.

Surprisingly, in this instance, the entire Basu family will be eavesdropping into their conversation and they will come to realize her true colors. Mohini will come forward and give a tight slap to Komolika. Afterward, Anurag will throw her out of their house.

However, the drama doesn’t end here. A furious Komalika will attack Prerna to take revenge for exposing her. Now that will be quite a jaw-dropping moment for the fans to witness as they already know how much evil Komalika can be. She can murder a person even without battling an eyelid. Also, another interesting point here in this story is to see whether this is the end of Komolika’s character or she is going to bring forth more troubles for Prerna and Basu family. Plus, the effect of this exposure in Anurag and Prerna’s relationship is also going to be the highlight of the series.

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