Ishq Mein Marjawan 10th September 2020 Written Update: Kabir understands that Ragini’s diary is a trap

Ishq Mein Marjawan 10th September 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Vansh saying that everything needed for a funeral is ready looking at the stuff and looking sideways telling a person that he will be the first person to see his funeral in front of his eyes.

He throws the garland towards that person who is Sunny. The latter says that money can make anyone do anything and he is a great planner, none can match him. Vansh says that in the world he lives, if he cannot keep his eyes open even in sleep, he won’t know when and who can attack him and thankfully his eyes were open when Ridhima sent signals with torch to someone. He recalls seeing Ridhima sending signals with torch and he says that he understood that there is a partner behind Ridhima.

Flashback starts. Vansh gives a bag with money to Sunny saying that he has to work with him: he knows he loves Ishani just for money and if he tells the same to her, she won’t believe him and stay with him (Sunny) forever, so he wants him to get this money and leave from her life forever.

Sunny asks what the second work is. Vansh says that he will have to become friend with his wife Ridhima and making her believe that he was sent by the person whom she sent signals to for help. He reveals to Sunny that Ridhima wants to know Ragini’s truth so he should make her believe that he is there to make her reach Ragini’s truth. And gthen Sunny did that. Flashback ends.

Vansh says that it was important to make Ridhima fear her death so she had to be shown like her death’s story has been already written. Sunny recalls telling how Vansh showered love on Ragini before killing her. Vansh says that he thought she will reveal her partner’s name by then but she didn’t so he made the plan of his death.

Angre comes and says that he checked Sunny’s pulse and declared him death. He asks Vansh why he had to bury the diary though. Vansh replies that it’s important to make the enemy believe that she is winning the war to win it: he wanted Ridhima to believe that she got a big proof against Vansh after which she would try to contact her partner. He says that he knows Ridhima is not alone in this plotting so it’s necessary to catch both of them and make sure that none tries to plot like this again against Vansh Raisinghania.

Vansh says that Ridhima sent that diary to a postal address as gift and when her partner will go to get the diary to that postal address, everything will be clear and checkmate will happen. Sunny claps. Vansh says that enemies’ dumbness make them win: Ridhima thinks she got a solid proof in her hands but she doesn’t know that they will now reach the mastermind of the plan through the diary as Ridhima is just a puppet and doesn’t know that she has burnt her partner’s dead body with her own hands.

Later, the family is all set to leave. Anupriya asks Vansh if he is sure to remain home alone. Vansh says that everything is planned. Siya says that seems like he has a romantic plan in mind and asks him to click pictures. Vansh says of course as it’s going to be the best day of Ridhima’s life, the last one. He corrects himself saying a very nice one.

Ishani looks at Ridhima and thinks that she has no idea about what Vansh is going to do with her today: she is not going to be spared. She leaves. Aryan looks at Ridhima and thinks that poor Ridhima’s story is going to end. Ridhima hopes Kabir has gotten her parcel.
On the other hand, Kabir comes in his office happily with the parcel. Mishra asks if he won a lottery. Kabir replies that he got jackpot in his hands. He opens the parcel and finds Ragini’s diary. He is very excited because Ridhima found the proof they needed. He says that it’s the biggest day of his life.

Meanwhile, Dadi asks Ridhima where she is lost. She says that she seems sad. Vansh asks her not to worry as he will make every sadness vanish from her face and make sure the time gets stuck today and tomorrow’s morning doesn’t happen. He asks Ridhima to take blessing from Dadi as people say that it’s very difficult to spend time with him so the blessings might help her.

Ridhima hugs Dadi who whispers in her ear that she left a gift on table in her room for her and, after seeing it, she will get to know whole the truth. Ridhima wishes she could tell her how afraid she is. Dadi asks Vansh to take care of Ridhima who seems very scared. Vansh asks her not to worry and assures that Ridhima won’t face any pain or tension. He holds her hand. Dadi leaves.

Ridhima is very scared. She removes her hands from Vansh’s grip. Vansh walks towards the door. Ridhima thinks that it seems like Vansh has decided to kill her today. Vansh shuts the door. Ridhima hopes Kabir got her message. Just then, she finds a chit near the sofa and picks it up. It’s her message asking for help. In a flashback, it is shown that the chit dropped from box. Ridhima is scared and cries because it means that the chit didn’t reach Kabir who won’t come to save her. She cries wondering what will happen to her now.

Kabir tells Mishta that the diary is a big proof against Vansh. He kisses the diary and just then he smells the smell of lemon. He thinks that the diary is not what it looks like. He lights up a lighter below a page and is shocked to see a message asking him to come to VR Mansion at 6pm tonight if he wants to see the girl he sent fine. Kabir understands that it’s Vansh’s trap and Ridhima’s life is in danger.

Meanwhile, Vansh blindfolds Ridhima who is extremely scared and asks him to leave her. He asks her to relax as many other surprises are left. He removes the cloth from her hands and shows her a thing covered with a red cloth.

On the other hand, Kabir angrily scatters things here and there because Vansh made a fool out of him and Ridhima. Mishra asks for an explanation. Kabir says that Vansh got to know Ridhima’s reality. He grabs a gun and puts bullets in his pocket. He wants to go to VR Mansion to save Ridhima. Mishra tries to stop him in vain. Kabir is ready to give his life or take Vansh’s one for Ridhima. He says he is coming and won’t let anything happen to Ridhima.

Ridhima removes the red cloth and sees her statue in front of her eyes. She recalls Dadi saying that Vansh keeps statues of people who betray him. She weeps and recalls Anupriya saying that statues of alive people aren’t made. Vansh says that this is perfect and it will remain in the house forever.

Vansh looks at the statue and says that it’s exactly like Ridhima but there is one thing left. He says that there is another surprise for her and takes her to the bed where he has placed the dress that he had gifted her. He says that the dress looks beautiful on her. Ridhima recalls Vansh saying how much he hates traitors and wonders if her death has been decided to happen today.
Episode ends

Precap: Ridhima is about to leave the house but Vansh says that she cannot go without enjoying the evening with him. He wants to bid her adieu with a bang. Kabir enters the VR Mansion. Vansh and Ridhima dance together. Kabir points rifle towards them and pulls the trigger. The bullet hits Ridhima’s shoulder and she falls in Vansh’s arms.