Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 23rd November 2020 Written Update: Riddhima apologizes to Kabir

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 23rd November 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Kabir threatening Riddhima that she 6 hours to accept his marriage proposal. Riddhima wonders what he’s going to do in the 6 hours. She recalls his confession of killing people and his threat. She regrets slapping Kabir and wonders what to do.

Elswhere Vihaan swings a coin to know whether Riddhima will come or not. He gets head which means she will come. He says there’s no tail in my coin since he doesn’t like get defeated.

At the dinning table, Anupriya serves meethi bhat that she has made. Chanchan mumbles to Arya that day Kabir made cake and today mom made meethi bhat what’s they are up to. Dadi recalls Vansh. She says Vansh likes meethi bhat.

Riddhima comes to Kabir. She says she has slapped him and pleads not to harm her family for her mistake. Kabir asks it doesn’t look like she’s apologizing. He sits on the sofa with crossed legs. He says sorry should be asked from heart. She has to put some efforts for her family. Riddhima gets down on her knees. She joints her hand saying ‘i am sorry Kabir’. She adds she did mistake by slapping him and won’t repeat her mistake. She pleads to leave her family. She shows her hand to Kabir asking to punish her.

Kabir makes her stand. He says how he can punish the hand in which she’s going to apply mehndi on his name. He says he started working on her punishment. He then takes her to show the whole family having meethi bhat made by Anupriya. He says the family is aware that the countdown is going start. Riddhima gets shocked. She runs downstairs. She throws away the dinning table mat. Everyone looks on shocked. Dadi asks Riddhima if she’s fine. Riddhima lies she started missing Vansh seeing them having meethi bhat and recated like this. She apologizes. Ishani leaves saying Riddhima needs to consult a psychiatrist. Dadi says she knows she’s in shock but she should take care of herself and be strong.

Later Kabir says he’s worried for her. If she keeps acting like this, he have to send her to mental hospital. He asks her to accept his marriage proposal. He wants only the property and he can get it only by marrying her. He leaves asking her to accept as she has no other option.

Siya is shown lying on the bed with oxygen mask. Riddhima says thankfully she get shifted to the home. She promises that soon she will get conciousness. Later Anupriya acts like suffocating Siya with a pillow. She says she doesn’t want to give her an easy death. She knows whole truth. If she hadn’t struggled that day, she would have got freedom from her sufferings. Now she has to wait every second for her death.

Dadi is seen praying to Ganapathi baba for Riddhima and Siya. Anupriya brings engagement shagun for Kabir and Riddhima which shocks Dadi. The latter how she can think of it. Anupriya says Riddhima became widow in young age. They can’t let her spend her whole life alone. Chanchan, who comes there, agree with Anupriya. The both tries to convince Dadi. The latter says Riddhima will never accept to get married. She will prefer to die instead of getting married. They may convince her after few years but now Vansh’s memory is holding her strongly. Chanchal suggests to let Riddhima decide. Dadi agrees.

The whole family is gathered. Dadi asks Riddhima if she’s ready to marry Kabir which shocks Riddhima and other family members. Ishaani asks Dadi how she can even think of it. Dadi stops her. Dadi says Anupriya and Chanchal has given this suggestion. Riddhima has to decide as it’s her life. Dadi asks again Riddhima’s decision. Kabir threatends Riddhiama by placing a knife near Ishaani’s waist. Riddhima goes to flashback. Vansh susprises Ishani by bringing lot of toys for her baby. He says he is very happy to become mama. Flashback ends.

Riddhima says she will not let anything happen to Ishaani’s baby. Ishani asks Riddhima why she’s taking lot of time think, simply say no. Dadi asks Riddhima to answer her. Riddhima looks at Kabir. She closes her eyes nodding yes which shocks Dadi, Ishani and Angre. Ishani says with hatred that she killed her brother, Siya is in come and she’s going to celebrate her marriage. Riddhima thinks she wish she can tell to Ishani she’s doing this to save her and her child.

Ishani leaves saying she feels disgusted of Riddhima and her character. Chanchal asks what’s wrong if Riddhima wants to move on her in her life. She asks Dadi decision. The latter leaves without uttering a word. Riddhima cries apologizing in mind to Dadi for hurting her and breaking her trust. When Kabir offers his handkerchief, Riddhima throws it away. He says she has to say yes as she has no other option. Riddhima glares at him.

The episode ends.

precap : Riddhima meets Vihaan. She says she needs his help. She shows Vansh photo in her mobile. Vihaan acts asking why she has photoshopped his picture. Riddhima says he’s her husband, Vansh Rai Singhania. She asks Vihaan to get Vansh’s look in order to help her. She will give him money and will also train him how to act as Vansh. She asks if he’s ready to help her. Vihaan looks on.

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