Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 27th November 2020 Written Update: Kabir does the unthinkable

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 27th November 2020 Written Updateon

Today’s episode starts with Riddhima entering her room. She switches the light and finds Kabir in her room. Kabir asks Ridhdima why she stunned seeing him as within few hours he is going to stay at this room only. Ahead, Kabir gifts Riddhima her bridal dress. He says within few hours she is going to turn ‘Kabir ki Riddhim’ from ‘Vansh ki Riddhima’. Kabir shows her red bridal dress. Riddhima says to Kabir that red is the color of Love and she don’t love him thus, she will not wear read colors for the wedding. Riddhima shows white bridal dress to Kabir and says she has already got her dress ready for the day. Kabir wonder from where Riddhima fetched so much of confidence. He calls Aryan. He asks to call priest as soon as possible. Kabir makes Aryan fall. Ishani

Ishani says to Aryan to open his eyes and see. She says Kabir can’t turn Vansh. Aryan thinks Kabir shouldn’t have done this but he is under trap thus, can’t do anything. Further, Riddhima get ready. Ishani comes and says to Riddhima that daadi asks her to perform ritual with her. Riddhima says to Ishani if she doesn’t want than she will manage. Ishani asks Riddhima not to do drama. She makes Riddhima wear bangles and it gets broken. Riddhima feels the pain. Ishani says the pain she is feeling is less than she is giving to the family. Riddhima thinks once Vihaan will stop the wedding than everything will get fixed. She calls Vihaan and asks him to come on time. Vihaan asks Riddhima not to panic as he will reach before 7.

Kabir goes to Riddhima’s uncle place and think she is hiding something here only. He decides to sneak inside the house. Here, Vihaan thinks he doesn’t need CCTV now. Kabir enters the room and says Riddhima’s master plan is over now.

There, Anupriya asks Riddhima to take out Vansh’s name chain. Riddhima alerts Anupriya not to touch it else she won’t be able to bear the conclusion of it. Anupriya threatens Riddhima once she will marry Kabir, she will not let her live in peace.

Other side, Kabir asks Daadi to give his turban to him. He somehow manages to convince Daadi. Daadi gives Vansh’s turban to Kabir. Daadi misses Vansh and talks with his picture. She cries and says she wishes Vansh returns. Riddhima sees Daadi from far. She pulls out the turban from Kabir. Riddhima asks Kabir by taking the turban he is emotionally hurting Daadi. Kabir says to Riddhima whatever has been taken from him, he will take it back. He praises Riddhima. Riddhima calls Vihaan and he don’t receive the call. She decides to walk out from the house but Anupriya blocks her way.

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