Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 27th November 2020 Written Update: Mayura gets successful in her plan

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 27th November 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Mayura calling Omkar but Manjiri traps her hand in between door harshly. Mayura feels pain. Manjiri forcefully takes her to kitchen. She tells her last time she entered kitchen, her husband panicked so much. Then she goes on taunting Mayura and asks her to make something spicy like her. She instructs her to make lemon pickle.

Mayura ‘s right hand is in terrible pain. Manjiri blackmails Mayura and says she will record her video and show public while she is making pickle for her husband. Mayura looks around to find a spoon but Manjiri tells her she won’t get a spoon. Mayura touches red chilli powder and feels more pain. She looks around and finds a small branch stem. She washes it.

Mayura tells Manjiri this stick isn’t from her kitchen so she can use it. She uses it as a spoon to mix the spices of pickle. Mayura taunts back Manjiri. She shows her injured hand and says she made pickle for her dear husband. Then Manjiri tells her it’s fine and tells her Omkar cannot eat just pickle so she should cook something more. Mayura feels more pain in her injured hand.

Manjiri comes to Omkar and narrates all the kitchen incidents to him. She tells that she had thought Mayura will run away but she is still very confident and has no fear at all, then she says she has asked Mayura to cook for him. Mayura comes there with puri and pickle and tells Omkar to eat it. She takes first bite and tells she didn’t add poison, if she wanted to kill him she wouldn’t have returned back to this prison. Then Balli comes and says priest has come to meet him.

 Omkar asks Mayura to leave. Mayura thinks it must be definitely something big. Priest praises Omkar for his well doings related to religious works and donations. Then Omkar brings a model of the temple. Chief Minister and priest both are really happy to see it and again praise Omkar for perfect work.

Priest tells Omkar this temple is really important for everyone. Omkar says if he gets this contract he will be complete it not like business but rather as religious work. Phone falls down, Omkar bends down to pick it up. Mayura is shown hiding and hearing their talks. But Omkar doesn’t see her. He continues talking to CM and priest.

Mayura comes out after they leave. She picks up a flower kept on the temple model and crushes it.

Next day, Manjiri and Omkar are in car. Manjiri tells it’s a big day for him and blesses him for the best. Omkar touches the marble piece kept in red color and tells about his feelings attached to it.

Lemon gets crushed under car as they start moving. Mayura comes and crosses infront of the car. Manjiri thinks why this black cat crossed their way. Mayura gets closer to car. Manjiri tells Omkar to ignore her.

At temple, priest invites Omkar to do prayer with them and praises him a lot. When he removes the red cloth from white marble, it’s stained with blood red color. Everyone is shocked and disappointed. Mayura is hiding and watching it all. She recalls how she used tincture and flower ‘s chemical reaction to stain the marble. She thinks she isn’t so low key to use blood for pure things related to religion.

Priest gets angry on Omkar and blames him. Omkar asks for forgiveness and pleads for one more chance. Priest gets more angry and leaves. Even the public gets wild and taunts Omkar. After every one leaves Omkar asks Balli how did blood stains come on marble. Mayura comes out and explains everything. Omkar tells her temple was his work and dedication but she made fun of it. Mayura taunts him back and reminds him of what he had done to her clinic. Mayura is walking and Omkar comes behind her.

Mayura pushes Omkar into the cage. He screams but she locks it up. Dil yeh ziddi hai plays.

Precap – Mayura taunts Omkar and tells him that man is slave to his brain and thoughts and now she will make him feel trapped by his thoughts.

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