Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 3rd December 2020 Written Update: Ridhima and Vihaan in dilemma

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 3rd December 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Vihaan telling Ridhima that she should talk respectfully with him. He leaves her and says that he has behaved like Vansh only who would have not forgive her wife marrying someone else. Ridhima says that her Vansh would have gotten upset with her but would have never mentioned about divorce. Vihaan smirks. Ridhima asks why he is looking at her like this. Vihaan replies that their eyes colour is the same: they are made for each other.

Suddenly Vihaan slides the carpet under Ridhima and wraps her in it putting it in corner against wall. Ishani walks in with divorce papers and asks him to sign them. Ridhima is overhearing everything. Ishani thinks that Vansh’s signature is very complicated and if he is not Vansh then he will be caught.

Ridhima remembers teaching Vihaan how to walk like Vansh and telling him how Vansh used to dress. She also gave him the password of Vansh’s laptop and then showed him the signature asking him to practice so that he can copy it since she can’t handle sign if it will be needed. Vihaan struggled to copy the sign.

Kabir peeks inside the room and thinks that he would have done what Ishani has done as a duplicate won’t be able to sign like Vansh. Ridhima wonders if Vihaan got caught and prays for that not to happen. Vihaan signs the papers. Ishani and Kabir are left shocked. Vihaan asks Ishani why she got shocked seeing his sign.

She says nothing and is about to walk away but notices the carpet. She asks Vihaan why the carpet is there. He replies that it has to be given for cleaning. Ishani is about to hold it saying that she will give it for cleaning but Vihaan stops her saying that she is pregnant and shouldn’t lift weight. She leaves. Vihaan lifts the carpet with Ridhima to take her out.

Kabir shares with Anupriya that his gut feeling is still saying that the guy is not Vansh. She suggests him to look in a different way. Kabir catches the suggestion and walks away after hugging her.

Vansh takes Ridhima outside. Ridhima scolds him for signing divorce papers as Ishani will get her signature today and she will have to leave the house. Vihaan pulls her closer and suggests her to exhale and inhale to reduce the stress. He tells her that Ishani was just testing him through the sign which means that some people in the house are still scanning him. He leaves her. Ridhima asks what they should do now. Vihaan suggests her to pray to Bappa as she believes so much in him. He leaves. Ridhima wonders how he knows how much she believes in Bappa.

On the other hand, Angre tells Ishani that Vansh would have never divorced Ridhima since he loved her deeply but Ishani says that Ridhima had crossed all the limits this time.

Kabir is walking in the hall when he suddenly slips and falls. Vihaan comes and asks him whether he got hurt. Kabir is wounded but replies no. Vihaan throws some alcohol on the wound. Vihaan recommends not to get wounded so much that healing won’t be possible and suggests Kabir not get into jungle if he wants to save himself from lion.

 Kabir thinks that Ridhima has trained him well. Vihaan asks him whether he should get him suspended again as well as the uniform isn’t good in cupboard. Kabir says that his behaviour has changed into good. Vihaan walks away. Kabir wonders how to unravel the game.

Ridhima looks at her and Vansh’s picture and cries asking Vansh why he left her. She wishes she could fix everything. She says that he was strong but she is not and she doesn’t know how to save her family from Kabir. She complains because Vihaan has ruined the whole plan. She prays to get a solution. Just then Dadi walks in and asks whether she has right to say anything or not. She scolds Ridhima because she and Vansh take decisions without consulting her. She gives a box to Ridhima and asks her to wear this dress when leaving.

Later whole family is together in front of temple when Dadi comes there with Ridhima who is wearing bridal dress. Ishani says that it’s good that Ridhima will leave in the same dress that she wore when entering. She asks Ridhima to sign the divorce papers without wasting time. She is thankful to Dadi for gathering them all there so that they can witness this happy moment.

Ridhima holds the pen and is about to sign the papers when Dadi snatches them from the table and asks Ridhima how she was thinking to break the relation with the man for whom she took bullet. She doesn’t allow Ridhima to divorce Vansh and tears the papers. She says that relationships are not made on papers and they don’t even break like that.

She adds that this is Ridhima’s house and she won’t leave it so easily. Dadi holds Vihaan’s hand and makes him stand near Ridhima asking them to swear to give their relation another chance. Ridhima prays to Bappa and thanks him for saving her again. She thinks she will tell Vihaan’s truth to everyone once Kabir is out. Dadi asks Vihaan to fill Ridhima’s maang with sindoor. Ridhima and Vihaan are shocked. Dadi asks them to think like their marriage is happening again. Ridhima thinks that Vansh’s Ridhima cannot become Vihaan’s wife and wonders in which dilemma Bappa has dragged her into. She doesn’t know what to do.

Episode ends

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