Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 18th July 2022 Written Update: Gungun breaks down in tears after identifying Anubhav’s body

Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 18th July 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Akriti getting stubborn to inform the Kulshreshths about Anubhav’s accident. Golu says that he will inform them about this. He phones Kulshreshths. Charudatt receives the call. Golu says that Anubhav met with an accident shocking Charudatt. He asks if Anubhav is fine. Golu says that he is missing and explains the situation.

Sunanda talks to Golu and scolds Golu for let Anubhav go aone. She says that she will die if anything happen to him. Charudatt scolds Golu for not fulfilling the responsibility of taking care of Anubhav.

Golu cries and apologizes for falling to fulfill his responsibility. Akriti snatches Golu’s phone and says that blames Gungun for Anubhav’s accident. She tells that she caught Anubhav and Gungun red handed then they had a fight after that he met with an accident. She further says that Golu and Ankit are on Gungun’s side. Charudatt asks Akriti to get Gungun arrested.

Akriti says that even police is on Gungun’s side, Commissioner scolds Akriti for creating a scene here and asks her to go and register complain in police station. Akriti says to arrest Gungun as she’s having an affair with her husband, so she knows where her husband is. Golu warns that Akriti can get sued if the allegation are proved wrong. Commissioner scolds Akriti for putting hurdles in their investigation.

The inspector receives call that the driver got his unconsciousness. Commissioner gets ready to leave for the hospital. Gungun requests the commissioner to let her also come. Commissioner agrees. Akriti says to Golu that she is going to the hotel. Golu says that they’re going with Anubhav. Gungun notices the holi thread she tied around Anubhav’s wrist on the ground. She picks it up remembering the same and cries.

At the hospital commissioner says to Gungun that the driver said that Anubhav was in the car when the accident occurred and a truck hit them. Gungun asks if he knew where Anubhav has gone after accident. Commissioner says that he doesn’t know as he fainted after the accident. Gungun cries. Commissioner asks the inspector to drop off Gungun at the hotel.

Gungun remembers Anubhav’s words and cries. Golu consoles Gungun. She hears door bell and opens it thinking Anubhav has come. She finds the waiter. Golu says that he called him. Golu asks Gungun to have food. Gungun refuses and cries. Other hand Sunanda is standing at the doorstep waiting for Anubhav’s return.

Charudatt asks his family to bring Sunanda inside. Goli convinces Sunanda and brings her inside. Charudatt assures Sunanda that he has believe that Anubhav will return, once again Akriti will safe him. He asks to call Akriti. Goli calls Akriti and asks if she got to know anything about Anubhav. Akriti says that no police interrogated the driver and didn’t get any information. Goli asks if Ankit and Golu are with her.

Akriti says that even now they are with Ankit. She complains that even police listens to Gungun as she’s Anubhav’s wife. Goli asks where she’s. Akriti says that she is staying in another hotel, alone. Goli says that they’re with her and asks to find Anubhav. Akriti thanks and says that she will call them if she gets to know anything about Anubhav. Akriti gets determined to send Gungun to the jail once Anubhav is found.

Commissioner receives a call regarding Anubhav. He then phones Gungun and says that they got a body in the railway track and the body isn’t in the condition of identifying it. He asks Gungun to come to the hospital to identify which shocks Gungun. Golu asks Gungun what happened. Gungun tells him what commissioner told her and cries hard. Golu says that it can’t be Anubhav.

Gungun, Golu and Ankit visit the morgue. Gungun cries finding the ring she gifted to Anubhav on the body’s finger. She tries to remove the clothes to see the face. Commissioner says that the face is damaged. Gungun breaks down in tears. Golu calls Kulshreshths and says that the body police found is Anubhav’s. Charudatt asks how he can be so sure. Golu says that Anubhav’s ringand cries. Kulshreshths get devastated hearing this and burst out in tears. Akriti also learn this and stands shocked.

Garima cries learning about Anubhav’s death. Shankar asks what happened. Garima says that Anubhav is dead. Shankar blames Gungun for Anubhav’s death. Garima scolds him and walks away. Commissioner says to Golu that they have sent the body for postmortem, they will soon learn the cause of his death, then they will send the body to lucknow.

The episode ends.

Precap: Golu, Ankit and Golu are on the way with Anubhav’s body. Golu asks where Gungun is. Ankit says that he doesn’t if she will go to her house or will come to their house. Golu asks the same to Gungun in the call. Gungun says that she won’t to come to their house. Golu says that it’s her rights. Gungun says that she doesn’t have courage to face them. Akriti scolds Golu for still supporting Gungun. She blames Gungun for Anubhav’s death and curses her. Other hand Gungun cries.

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