Kabir deals with Chang to destroy Vansh: Ishq mein Marjawan 2

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Drama to galore in Ishq Mein Marjawan

Colors popular daily is all set for thrilling episode ahead. In the upcoming episode, Rudra will ask Riddhima to meet him at the backyard if she wants to know the name of a person who is trying to harm her baby. Riddhima will decide to meet Rudra. Here, Vansh will learn from Chanchal that Rudra gave her diamond. Vansh will decide to meet Rudra too. There, Rudra will decode that Anupriya disguised as house helper to harm Riddhima. He will try to expose Anupriya in front of Singhania’s but latter will kill him. Riddhima and others will get shocked.


Further, Vansh and Riddhima both will doubt that Rudra’s death is not natural but a murder. Vansh will question Riddhima that she spotted Rudra first so what she was doing by his side. Riddhima will lie to Vansh and will tell him that she went to him hearing his voice. Vansh will alert Riddhima and will ask her to stay away from all these and he can’t bear to lose her. Other side, Kabir will deal with Chang. He will ask him to destroy Vansh and cancel all his deals. Chang will agree. Vansh and Angre will doubt who is trying to defame them in their business. Vansh will doubt on Chang. Afterwards, Riddhima will decide to go to backyard to find about clue. Mask person will attack on Riddhima yet again.

It will be interesting to watch Riddhima will be saved this time or not? Do Vansh will be able to protect Riddhima or not? Well, time will only tell.

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