Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 14th January 2020 Written Update: Yaswant threatens Sonakshi

Today’s episode starts with Sonakshi sees the newspaper and gets shocked.

One day before;  Sonakshi receives the parcel and gets restless reading the note and says the man is dangerous and can do anything. Sonakshi decides to meet Yaswant.

Sumit goes behind Sonakshi. Yaswant watches Sonakshi from far. Sonakshi comes out from her car. Sumit worries for Sonakshi. Yaswant sees Sumit and Sonakshi ask Sumit to lets go as she has to urgently go to the hospital.

Yaswant calls someone and says Sonakshi tries to double cross her and thinks to avenge her.  At hospital; Rohit announces to media that his surgery successful and gives the credit to Sonakshi. Sonakshi gets happy. Meanwhile, Yaswant too reaches to the hospital and Sonakshi gets tensed.

Later, Yaswant drags Sonakshi inside a room. Sonakshi gets scared. Yaswant scares Sonakshi that he will tell to the media about Naren and Pooja’s relationship. Sonakshi ask him what he wants. Yaswant asks Sonakshi to give him 1 crore. Sonakshi worries.

Ahead, Sonakshi meets Rohit. The duo hugs each other. Rohit shares with Sonakshi that for Veena’s one smile he can do anything. Afterwards, Rohit says to Sonakshi that he has done such a successful surgery where is his reward. Sonakshi gives a kiss on Rohit’s cheek. Rohit ask Sonakshi why she is worried. Sonakshi says nothing she is just in a hurry to go home.

In the morning Suman learns Sonakshi withdrawn 1 crore rupees. She calls Sonakshi to confront. Sonakshi ask Suman not to tell anyone about the money. She decides to hide the money. She keeps the money on the cupboard. And gets shocked seeing the newspaper. Sonakshi gets shocked seeing Yaswant’s photo in family picture and wonders if all know him. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Sonakshi gives 1 crore to Yaswant. Yaswant gives the money to Ajit.